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Why style influencer Paula Sutton uses vintage furniture in her home

Paula Sutton’s Instagram posts are never full of new and shiny pieces. Instead, they’re a testament to preloved and well-worn furniture and decorative accessories, and the depth and texture they bring to the home.

In this month’s  column, she tells us why she loves shopping for antiques and filling her Hill House home with one-off and surprising pieces.

Adding interest to a room with antiques

paula sutton vintage and antique furniture

(Image credit: Paula Sutton)

‘I’ve always thought that the most interesting faces are the ones that show signs of a life well lived. The ones that have much-used laughter lines and the familiarity of a ‘well-trodden path’ of creases,’ says Paula. ‘Beautiful faces are the ones that reflect the rich tapestry of years filled with experience and wisdom…