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You might have heard high school students taking AP classes, and it may have made you curious to know exactly what these AP classes are. AP stands for Advanced Placement that helps high school students to take various college-level courses before joining the college abroad. This is quite beneficial for the students as it helps them to earn credits while they are still in school. If a student takes AP classes in India and appears for the corresponding AP exam, it simply displays the extremely high academic drive as well as learning and retaining potential. These classes are managed by the college board and you score points out of 5. Here, we shall discuss the AP exam and the eligibility criteria. 


In India, this exam is offered in 24 different subjects and these are administered in authorized schools and centers. In case a school itself does not conduct the AP exam, it can refer its students to some other conducting school. The exam is held usually in May and results are out by July. The registrations for the same start early beginning from February. A student can by discretion take as many APs, but cannot go for the same examination twice. However, you can improve your score by taking it in subsequent years. You can prepare for the exam through offline or online classes or even by doing self-study. You can start preparing for the exam and taking classes as early as you are in 9th standard. Your score will be valid till you start college.


To appear as an eligible candidate for the AP exam, you need to possess the following: 

°A valid passport, a government ID card that is generally your aadhar card that you need to register for the exam as well as carry with you to the examination center. 

°You must have not completed 21 years of age at the time you appear for the examination. In case the candidate is above 21 years of age, he automatically stands disqualified for appearing in the exam. 

°You cannot take the AP exam in a particular subject more than once in a single year. In case, you are not satisfied with the result, you can appear in the same subject test the next year.

°You cannot take both Calculus AB and Calculus BC in the same year.

°You can take any or all 4 of the physics exams in the same year.

°You cannot take two exams scheduled at the same time during the regular testing period. However, you can take one of the overlapping exams during the late testing period.

The college board has authorized a few of the schools in India to conduct the AP exam. In total, 19 schools all over the country own the authority to take the AP exam. These schools function autonomously and hence the deadlines, fees, exam selection, etc. may vary. In case your AP score is good, it will help you much if you are planning to do further studies abroad.