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Signs You Should Book a Plumber for Your Geyser Repair

Signs You Should Book a Plumber for Your Geyser Repair

Did you ever imagine how miserable it would be if you had to start your day with a cold shower every day? You might not realize, but your geyser is a staple in your house which you do not think until something wrong happens with it.

Sometimes, there may be some minor issues, such as temperature adjustment of the thermostat, that you can deal with on your own. However, you should book skilled plumber services in Islamabad for complicated geyser issues.

Common Warning Signs to Book an Expert Plumber

If you want your geyser to stay running smoothly without any problems, you should watch the signs that indicate it will break down. Otherwise, you will be deprived of hot water.

Here are some common signs that indicate you should book a professional plumber:

1. Rust-colored Water

Sometimes, you observe that the hot water coming out of your geyser has a slight red tint which resembles the color of the rust. This rusty color of the hot water signifies that your geyser’s tank has caught rust.

If you do not check for a long time, it may break down the tank’s walls, leaving you without hot water. In this way, you have to spend a lot of money to replace your worn-out geyser and buy a new one.

Moreover, this rusty water may cause some health hazards because the metallic impurities in this water can damage your hair and skin. This may cause some skin allergies making your life unpleasant.

It is wise to book a professional geyser repair in Lahore to keep your geyser in top condition and avoid health hazards. Professional services connect you with skilled plumbers who diagnose the problem before it worsens and effectively rectifies it.

2.  Unusual Sounds

Suppose you are noticing some strange sounds when your geyser is switched on. These sounds sometimes are bearable, but if you do not maintain your geyser regularly, these sounds may become annoying. Such unfamiliar sounds destroy your peace, and you want to get them repaired as soon as possible.

These sounds may be due to the sediment on the bottom of the water tank that can clog the water’s passage.  As a result, the passage of the water becomes difficult and produces strange sounds while flowing through the pipes.

You can remove the sediment from your geyser’s water tank if you have the necessary skills and tools. Otherwise, you can break your geyser’s inner components that can cost you’re a hefty amount of your money in the future.

It is important to book expert plumber services in Karachi to diagnose your geyser’s exact problem and rectify it as soon as possible. In this way, your geyser is diagnosed properly, and all the problems will be sorted out effectively.

3. Leakage

When you observe water around your geyser, it may signify that your geyser is leaking. If this leakage is limited to a small amount of water, it can not be troublesome. But if it is wasting tens of liters of water creating mud, you should consider booking a plumber.

If your geyser leaks because of a faulty pressure valve, you can replace it quickly as it does not require professional skills. But if the pressure valve is not causing the leakage, it may be due to the age of the geyser.

As the water heats, the metal of the tank expands. If the metal is older, there are chances that it can break down instead of developing, leaving the hot water leak through.

Booking gas geyser services will help you avoid the breakdown of your geyser’s metallic body that leads to leakage. Further, if the water tank’s walls have already broken down, replace your geyser with the new one.

4. Improper Heating

Sometimes, your geyser does not heat the water properly, leaving you cold water for bathing, washing, and cleaning. The main reason for this ill-heating may be its thermostat, which you should set at a lower temperature. If it is the thermostat, you can change the temperature independently.

But if it is not the faulty thermostat, you should not mess with your geyser yourself because you may make the situation worse. Instead, you should book a skilled plumber so that he can diagnose the exact problem and solve it.