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Beauty Tips To Follow For Healthy Skin In The Changing Season

Beauty Tips To Follow For Healthy Skin In The Changing Season

Beauty Tips To Follow For Healthy Skin In The Changing Season

These tips will elevate your beauty routine in no time; Image Credit: Istock

Switching up to hot beverages and craving balmy Sunday afternoons is our cue ahead of the winters. The temperature is dipping and we can already feel the chills in the air and it also means that we need to make some tweaks in our skincare regimen as the season changes. Ahead of winter, it does not mean that we only need to notch up moisturisation, but a few modifications to the entire regimen will keep your skin protected and healthy. Just like our fashion closet, layering is applicable in beauty routines as well; all it takes are the right products. From limiting exfoliation to including oils in your regimen, we take you through our 101-skincare guide for the changing season as it might come handy during this time of year.

Skin Care Guide For The Changing Season

With the dip in temperature, it’s time to modify our skincare routine accordingly.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

No matter what season it is, skin hydration is a need and with the temperature dipping every day, it is better to notch up our products in order to maintain a healthy and hydrated skin. Hydration for the skin is important as it keeps it nourished and healthy from within and tackles skin issues.

Protect The Skin

We might assume that UV protection is just needed in summers or just the hot and humid seasons but let us tell you that it is a year long need and as seasons change you need to change the formulations as well to keep your skin in check with the transitioning weather. Choose your SPF carefully and if you have skin issues, it is better to consult your dermatologist before picking one.

Switch Up Your Moisturiser

A moisturiser that has suiting ingredients and is slightly thicker is the one that we all need during this season. Opt for a cream-based moisturiser, no matter what skin type you have, moisturiser is a must to apply during all seasons. Don’t leave your skin alone to lotions as a cream-based moisturiser will help in keeping the skin plump and supple.

Modify Your Routine

When it comes to your skin, it is not just the face but the body as well and during this season, dry skin is way too common. Include oils, balms etc in your routine. Switch up your cleanser with a cream based one which is heavier in texture comparatively. Make sure to apply a lip balm throughout to keep chapped lips away.

Tips To Keep In Mind:

1. Do not exfoliate your skin too much

2. Avoid products that irritate or cause an itchy sensation to the skin.

3. Do not go overboard with too many moisturisers, just stick to one.

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