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15 Best Shower Caps to Shop in 2022: Drybar, Shhhowercap, More

best shower caps in 2022

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To keep a blowout or new hairstyle its freshest, or avoid getting your hair wet mid-shower outside of wash day, wearing a well-fitting shower cap can be a saving grace. And while those flimsy see-through caps can come in handy while traveling (or to help activate a deep conditioner), they’re usually too fragile to withstand more than a handful of wears without tearing—which is why investing in a durable and reusable shower cap is key.

There are a number of vintage-inspired options available on the market, but these definitely aren’t your mother’s caps. In addition to being water resistant and featuring fun patterns or pops of color, many of the best shower caps from brands like Glow by Daye and T3 include satin or microfiber linings to keep your hair doubly protected, and are roomy enough to accommodate braids, locs, and robust curls. For our short list of hair-protecting essentials to add to your bathing routine, read on for 15 of the best shower caps to keep your do intact.

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Leopard Luxe Shower Cap

More than 1,200 Ulta customers are raving about this stylish shower cap from Kitsch. “It isn’t too tight while on, and contains my thick curls without ruining them!” one satisfied reviewer writes, adding that “the elastic band is comfortable to wear around my face, and its design is so adorable! I would walk around in this all day!!”

If the sound of a traditional shower cap makes you cringe, consider this vibrant, waterproof version from Shhhowercap that’s made of nanotechnology technical fabric for less noise.


Recycled & Sustainable Shower Cap

If you’re looking to be a bit more sustainable with your beauty routine, consider this best-selling recyclable cap featuring a comfy cotton lining that’s worthy of any routine.

The hair pros at T3 created this waterproof shower cap, which contains a microfiber lining to protect your hair from humidity while keeping it frizz free.



Shower Cap

This shower cap is a great deal at less than $5 and has a flexible elastic band that won’t leave behind an awkward line on your forehead once you’re done using it.


Shower Cap – Lemon Print

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

This vintage-inspired, lemon-print cap has plenty of space for just about any hairstyle and is currently available for 20 percent off its original price.


The Morning After Shower Cap

Amazon shoppers love this extra-large shower cap from Drybar, which features a terry cloth lining that absorbs moisture and steam to minimize frizz.



Satin Lined Shower Cap

Speaking of Amazon customers, close to 800 swear by this satin-lined cap, which is not only adjustable, but also reversible to help lock in moisture during restorative hair treatments.

For those allergic to vinyl, this fun cap is made of frosted PEVA (a vinyl alternative) and is oversized to expertly contain high buns and ponytails.


Terrycloth-Lined Shower Cap

This terry cloth-lined cap from Klorane is machine washable for easy cleanup after a few wears in the shower.



Celestial Shower Cap

This dreamy celestial cap created by Ulta is ideal for anyone who reads the Co – Star app on a regular basis.

This cheery shower staple features a Liberty London print to brighten your bathroom and routine.

We spotted this popular adjustable and waterproof shower cap on sale at Amazon for a rare 50 percent off. It contains a satin lining and treated exterior shell to prevent its color from fading.

This set contains three satin adjustable shower caps that are extra protective, since they each contain two layers of material to guard your hair against the elements.

More than 10,000 Amazon customers love this four-pack of caps, which also provide double protection in the bath or shower. One shopper writes that these shower caps “are very well made, much nicer than those I have been buying in large retail stores. They’re made of thicker material and seem like they won’t stretch out like others do. Pretty colors too!”

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