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What to order at Testal

People say Sonoran tortillas are the best in the world, and for most of my life I tended to agree. The wafer thin, flour tortillas we know and love here in Arizona and Sonora are the perfect medium for grilled meats, guacamole and savory refried beans. But then I tasted the tortillas from Chihuahua.

Puffier and thicker, the tortillas from this Mexican border state are good enough to enjoy simply rubbed with a little butter,but the best way to appreciate them is in burrito form. 

And when it comes to burritos, Chihuahua knows its stuff.  

Widely considered the birthplace of burritos (although that claim is debatable as some historians peg them as being from Sonora), Chihuahua has perfected the medium by serving burritos with simple and homey guisado stews like shredded beef and creamy rajas in these hefty flour tortillas. The burritos themselves are thinner, rather than bulging with fillings, and they’re not sealed up on the ends.