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Stetson Fragrance Defines A New American Country Style

Stetson and Scent Beauty Launch Stetson Spirit To Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Stetson Original with an all new modern fragrance:

Reflecting the the most profound cultural changes of freedom and individuality of the 21st century, the new spirit of rebellion has propelled a rugged country look into the limelight. The inspiration comes from a desire for adventure. Since the onset of the pandemic, younger consumers have exhibited restlessness as well as pent up energy. In short, the cowboy style conjures images of a hard work, fresh air and a whole lotta American pride. I think it’s an instantly recognisable look, often worn casually and cool.

Today, there is a great correlation between lifestyle relocation and cross country moving industry. Since the last decade, economic growth in Texas has had an upward trajectory and same is the case for the cross-country moving. Advancements in technology have set forth an increased exodus from city living in search of cleaner air, more space and lower costs. Both industries have the same aim in highlighting new frontiers on the horizon.

But what defines country style? Utility is perhaps the most central feature of country style. In short, young men are looking for modern masculinity. The central elements of almost every piece in a country wardrobe are angled towards the practical. And durability is a priority. This style has been born and bred in the USA. In short, country style is becoming more and more popular.

For over a century and a half, iconic American brand Stetson has consistently stood for independence, grit, character, and style. It has been handed-down from one generation to the next. In celebration of the brand’s first fragrance, Stetson Original, turning 40 this year, Stetson is showing its reinvestment into the brand and ushering in a new era of Stetson men with the launch of Stetson Spirit. Stetson Spirit was developed in collaboration with Scent Beauty, the launch pad and platform for independent fragrances, and perfumer Firmenich to create a generational fragrance that encapsulates the modern spirit of everyday adventure and style.

“Stetson is an iconic brand that has represented the spirit of American adventure for over 150 years. When we began working together on Stetson Spirit, we knew we needed to bring that legacy to life for the next generation. We wanted to create a fragrance that reflects Stetson’s rich history and embraces the new; something that Stetson men both young and old would gravitate towards. I think together we were able to accomplish exactly that.” – Steve Mormoris CEO and Founder of Scent Beauty

As an iconic American brand, Stetson has always stood for the pioneering an authentic American spirit. What I find thrilling is that Stetson Spirit captures the energy of younger consumers rooted in adventure. I feel that there is an abundant number of American men who are interested in flexing their inner cowboy.

The new campaign was shot in Big Bend Texas by photographer Alistair Taylor-Young. The art direction conveys the ability to translate emotion and feeling into a new scent for a heritage brand tailored to the younger millennials and Gen Z consumers whose aim is outdoor exploration. The chiseled good looks of Ford model Dusty Lachowicz helps cement the idea of the excitement surrounding new adventures. Let’s face it, after 20 months of being captive by Covid-19 rules, the youth of America have prioritized freedom and adventure to take precedence over staying indoors.

“It was an honor to collaborate to launch Stetson Spirit. It’s not often that we see a bold, updated idea of a brand that is iconic and embodies the spirit of Americana. With the Spirit, we embrace a new generation of adventure that speaks to the lasting legacy of the brand,” said Steve Mormoris, CEO of Scent Beauty.

The new men’s fragrance is a scent with brash citrus notes surrounded by rock rose and sage and balanced by the warmth of leather and amber. But as American cowboy style grows more popular, the freedom of adventure goes right along with it. The scent includes notes of bergamot, mandarin leaf, rhubarb, and elami, to create a perfect blend of woody, earthy, casual masculinity.

“With the launch of Stetson Spirit, the Stetson story continues, more than 150 years after the brands’ inception in step with the journey of America and the American man – ever-evolving, yet timeless. We see the launch of Stetson Spirit as a reflection of our evolving times, a fragrance that captures the desire for adventure, freedom, and individuality. ” – Xiao Li Tan President of Stetson

Scent Beauty, Inc. is the world’s first multi-brand e-commerce platform for bespoke scented products through unique, culturally relevant Brands to consumers worldwide.

More importantly, the newly developed scent captures the values of the Stetson story where in 1865 founder, John B. Stetson, set out to the West with determination, drive and a fearlessness that led him to become an icon of the American West. To celebrate the launch of this brand— for a new generation of good American men, Stetson will be sponsoring the highly anticipated iheartradio country music festival 202, taking place in Austin, Texas. The concert is expected to deliver high jolts of energy from frontrunner country stars such as Blake Shelton, Toby Keith, Little Big Town and a handful of country music’s biggest rising stars.

 “At Firmenich, we are honored to have worked with Stetson and Scent Beauty to create the newest Stetson fragrance; an important part of this historic brand’s exciting next generation. Our Perfumer, Ilias Ermenidis knew that capturing the true essence of the Stetson DNA would be critical in making Stetson Spirit as iconic as the original fragrance created 40 years ago. Stetson Spirit is a spirited scent that we can all be proud of.” – Théo Spilka, Global VP at Firmenich. “We see the launch of Stetson Spirit as a reflection of our evolving times, a fragrance that captures the desire for adventure, freedom, and individuality. Scent Beauty’s dynamic and proven team embraces our brand DNA, and together we are poised to evolve the Stetson line to reach new audiences. We are confident that this partnership marks a new chapter for both Companies.”


I recently had the privilege of speaking with Xiao Li Tan, President of Stetson about consumer reflection in modern times, the newfound desire for adventure and lasting impression of modern masculinity!

Joseph DeAcetis: Talk to Forbes viewers about the creative inspiration and marketing philosophy launch – behind Stetson Spirit?

Xiao Li Tan, President of Stetson: The inspiration comes from a newfound appreciation for the outdoors and a desire for adventure. For younger consumers, there’s a sense of restlessness, of pent up energy—Spirit harnesses that in a scent that’s fresh, vibrant, and rooted in nature. Stetson has always stood for the pioneering, authentic, adaptable and diverse core of the American spirit, and through our photo campaign launch and social content, you will see the Stetson spirit remains alive in those who dream of rich futures and pioneering adventures.

JD: Is heritage the main characteristic of this iconic American brand?  Or, is your aim to explore new frontiers by reinventing the Stetson brand?

XLT: For over a century and a half, Stetson has consistently stood for independence, grit, character and style. These values and the Stetson story are as relevant today as they were in 1865 when our founder, John B. Stetson, set out to the West with determination, drive and a fearlessness that led him to become an icon of the American West. Stetson is enduring, endlessly bold, and timeless. This is not a reinvention of Stetson, per se, due to the unique, enduring nature of the brand. Spirit is an extension of our brand heritage for consumers who connect with these core values.

JD: In your words, have you conducted market tests, such as focus groups prior to the release?

XLT: Yes, every piece of this launch was thoroughly tested. Even before we started creating we did intensive market research on the olfactory elements that really resonate with the demographic we want to target. Once we landed on our olfactive direction we went through many many rounds of submissions. It was important that we all agreed that we have created the next classic men’s fragrance.

JD: Can you give us some insight on what American consumers can expect from Stetson Spirit?

XLT: We see the launch of Spirit as a reflection of our evolving times, a fragrance that captures the desire for adventure, freedom and individuality. The Stetson story resonates with consumers who identify with authenticity, have an appreciation for craft and who possess an independent spirit. From ranchers and cowboys to musicians and mavericks, the Stetson consumer has always embraced a style all their own, whether they are more at home in the outdoors or the city.

JD:Talk to Forbes about what the experience was like with working with the perfumer Firmenich to achieve your goals in the development of the Stetson Spirit scent?

XLT: We are proud to have Firmenich as a strategic partner. Their ability to translate emotion and feeling into scent is unmatched. We had a very clear concept of what Stetson Spirit is and how it makes you feel. Firmenich was able to take our concept and truly bring it to life through scent.

JD: What were the main challenges you faced, in developing a fragrance for a heritage brand with a rich history in American culture?

XLT: It was very important to us that we created something modern and dynamic, but that was born from the roots of the iconic Stetson brand. Stetson original has been a top 10 fragrance for 3 decades. That is a lot of pressure to measure up to, but we are very confident that Stetson Spirit will be the next GREAT men’s fragrance. Our goal is to be celebrating Stetson Spirit in 40 years like we are celebrating Stetson Original today.

JD: In your words, what are American men seeking in fragrance today? And how do you intend to speak to the Gen Z demographic? 

XLT: They are looking for modern masculinity. Something that stands out, but doesn’t offend. It leaves a lasting impression and is truly intoxicating. It’s not about jumping from brand to brand, but finding something that you can make yours.

JD: Talk to Forbes about Austin Texas, the concert, the performers…. And why do you feel that this is on-brand for the Stetson consumer? 

XLT: The American southwest plays such an important part in the heritage of Stetson. Country being also born from the American southwest is a natural soundtrack to this brand. We were literally on set, in Texas, shooting the campaign for Spirit when the opportunity arose to be a sponsor of the iheartradio country music festival came about. It felt right for us to celebrate the launch of this brand – In Texas, with the energy that this concert will bring.

Special Thanks: Emma Cunnington