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Looking For A Hair Makeover In 2022? Save These Stunning Pics For Some Inspo

Looking For A Hair Makeover In 2022? Save These Stunning Pics For Some Inspo

What’s a better time for a gorgeous makeover than the new year? Nothing welcomes the new year more than a dazzling transformation, don’t you think so? Makeovers aren’t just a perfect tool to help you change your look entirely, but they’re also great at offering you that extra boost of confidence. I can’t tell you how confident and pumped up I feel every single time I dye my hair red! And I certainly believe that this feeling must be felt by everyone out there.

However, getting a hair makeover means opening yourself up to the realm of experiments. Let’s face it, not everyone’s keen to take the plunge and go all out with their precious tresses, no? That’s exactly why we’re rushing to your aid just in time! We spend a countless amount of time on Instagram scouring for inspo pics so you don’t have to. Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle or a new hair colour, we’ve got a little something for everyone. We rounded up some of our favourite hair pics from the ‘gram that you can just show your hairstylist on your next trip to the salon!

Chic Haircuts

Shag Cut

The shag haircut has been taking the Internet by storm this past year, and rightfully so. We’re so obsessed with how effortless and casual it looks. Not only is it perfect for adding some volume to your locks, but it also magically frames your face no matter what the shape of it may be!

Sleek Bob

A sleek bob is the ultimate hair makeover in our books. A hairstyle that’s always stayed in vogue, no matter the era going on. A cut as sharp as a sleek bob adds definition to your facial structure. If you’ve been itching to get a drastic makeover, this one’s for you!

A Splash Of Colour

Red-dy For 2022

While a deep red can be a tad bit too overwhelming for most of us, this brownish-red hue is an ideal stepping stone for individuals who’ve been wanting to experiment with colours since they happen to be bored with their browns. A shade of red that happens to be universally flattering, this would ideal for someone wanting to begin their red hair journey.

Ashy Balayage

Some of you love playing it safe with colours but still want to experiment a little, no? This gorgeous balayage with tones of ash blonde makes for just the right hair makeover for someone wanting to cross over to the blonde side. A perfect mix of browns and blondes is suitable for all skin tones and really brings out the eyes. We’re defo trying this one out.

Bang Bang

Poker Straight Bangs

Jlo’s tresses never fail to impress. She makes a solid case for straight bangs whisked to the side. Sleek bangs with poker-straight hair is quite a lethal combination, don’t you think?  Whoever said bangs are never a great idea, clearly didn’t look up to her as inspiration. Although this style may be a huge commitment, we’re all up for it.

Curtain Bangs

Nothing like some long curtain bangs inspo from Hilary Duff! If you’re looking for bangs that are low-maintenance, opt for longer face-framing ones like these. This hairdo has been Hilary’s staple style for years. Yep, even before curtain bangs asserted their dominance everywhere. In case you’ve been wanting to hop on the bang-wagon, opt for this one.

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