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First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub Is Top-Rated

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub Is Top-Rated

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Medically described as the condition keratosis pilaris, “chicken skin” is the buildup of keratin that blocks pores and hair follicles creating uneven texture, small bumps, and sometimes an associated redness. There is no definitive “cure,” but there are ways you can manage and reduce the appearance of this condition; one of these is a body scrub from First Aid Beauty

Since its launch a few years ago, I always have a bottle of KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub in my shower. The visible nature of my condition isn’t severe but the small bumps on my legs and backs of my arms bother me. About twice a week, I scrub a dollop of the product on each one of my appendages. It is wonderful and instantaneously effective; my skin is smooth and almost completely bump-free. 

There is a gentle grit to the product that physically exfoliates and breaks up the clogged bumps but there are also beneficial long-term ingredients. “Traditionally, one of the best and most commonly used products for keratosis pilaris has been ammonium lactate or lactic acid,” Dr. Kenneth Mark, cosmetic dermatology expert says. This specific product from FAB has 10 percent AHA, which he explains “is a form of lactic and glycolic acid,” adding “it therefore makes sense that this product would be beneficial.”

Creams and lotions are the more common type of KP treatment but Dr. Mark says Bump Eraser has a leg up: “It can be more user-friendly by being faster and easier to apply than a cream, and by definition, the scrub should spread easier and wash off quickly in the shower,” which can make it an easier commitment. 

It’s dermatologist-approved and part of my body care routine, but it also has five-star ratings from over 13,000 Amazon shoppers, many of whom describe it as “life-changing.” One five-star reviewer shared they’ve suffered from keratosis for 15 years with no solution in sight. “[The KP Bump Eraser] didn’t just help, it completely cleared it away,” they wrote.

Many of the five-star reviewers are in amazement over how effective and quickly this scrub gets to work. One shopper wrote that it took one week of use before they “just about cried tears of joy” over how good their skin looked and felt. I use KP Bump Eraser year-round, but during the summer when my limbs are out in the sun, this truly becomes the MVP of my body care routine.