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Dry skin woes have you worried? Say begone with these skincare tips

Is your skin too dry to handle? Break up with awful skincare habits that do not do your skin right and as we all know your every day or weekly ritual needs to be in tune with the season’s demands. While scrubs, hot showers, and heavy doses of face masks seem like a great idea but definitely not when the cold season hasn’t left our sight completely. All it takes is some wise tweaks to be made to give your skin the fine treatment it deserves. Follow these tips to fix your skin woes. 

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1) Do not over-exfoliate your skin: How many times in a week do you scrub your skin clean? Your scrub isn’t as gentle as you assume it to be. Stick to exfoliating not more than twice a week. This will help the oil produced by your skin stay intact while it frees it from blackheads and pesky pollutants. 

2) Moisturise your skin: Had a long shower session? Check your skin and tell us how scaly it looks. This havoc can be prevented by cutting down your shower time which usually tends to strip off your skin’s natural oils which can easily damage your skin’s barrier. Soak your skin with a heavy dose of moisture post your daily shower as this can help your skin absorb the moisture better. 

3) Read labels first, purchase later: Your skin can’t look its healthy self when your slap on products that are infused with harsh ingredients. Say yes to sulfate and fragrance-free products. Instead, look for natural products that are kind and gentle to your skin. 

4) Add face serums or oils: All the dewiness has you drooling? Your skin can naturally look healthy with the bare minimum of skincare steps. Instead of counting on face sheet masks which can give you more of a momentary glow and hydration, pick serums or oils that suit your skin. Always start with a patch test and if it works right, apply it to your skin and massage it in circular motions. 

5) Bonus (unskippable) tips: Dry skin doesn’t damage your collagen production said nobody. This can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, here’s when sunscreen can come to your skin’s rescue. Remind yourself to stay hydrated with not just water but also with fruits and vegetables. Just as you wouldn’t wish to forget your meal, don’t leave your skin’s meal behind. Also known as, a night cream. Your skin is in its true repair mode at night as you get some sleep. This can help ease all of the problems your skin has been exposed to during the day. 


How to tackle dry skin? We all ears, comment below and let us know. 

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