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6 Effective tips to show off your healthy and moisturised summer hair for days

6 Effective tips to show off your healthy and moisturised summer hair for days

Dry hair isn’t the way of life. We just add to the environmental tension that pollution can bring by indulging in styling tools and excessive hair washing time. It’s just the unhealthy game you should stop looking at and when your hair loses out on moisture, it gets all weak, gets succumbed to damage, and falls in bunches. Don’t let the tension flow rather hop on a simple routine of what it takes to keep your hair healthy and shiny. 

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1) Say no to everyday hair wash 

Just because your shampoo smells like a divine aromatic treat, do not stay in the shower for an hour. Keep a track of not going overboard with this and stick to just weekly twice. Let the natural oils produced by your scalp stay rather than look all dried up. Also, try to avoid heat-inducing tools to style or dry your hair up. Give your hair the time to dry itself up. 

2) Stick to cold water showers 

Hot water seems refreshing, more like a massage an exhausted body needs but your hair wouldn’t be grateful to experience it. Hot water can suck out all-natural oils and leave it feeling super weak. Cold water rightly does the opposite as it seals in moisture. 

3) Opt for products that are heavy on hydration

Look for argan oil, almond oil, avocado, and more such ingredients that can intensely add moisture and are best suitable for dry hair. This prevents extreme dryness and keeps your hair looking soft, well-nourished, and glossy. Tip: Look for harsh chemical-free products and go with organic ones. 

4) Oil your hair well 

Your hair needs to drink good moisture. An age-old beauty ritual, amla, neem, onion, coconut oil, and many others have proven to improve the overall texture of your hair. These also come with cons of improving hair growth, softening your hair, and combating dandruff and hair loss. Try hair slugging, maybe? Use a silk fabric to tie your hair up post a champi, this can help your hair absorb oil pretty well. 

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5) Hair dyes aren’t your best friends 

If you fail in the after-care department, your coloured hair will see the negative consequences as there will be a rise in dryness. Use products that are best for your hair and try to get rid of split ends. Also, ensure to have ammonia-free hair dyes on. 

6) Going for a cool dip? 

Let that plunge into the pool be remembered for a good reason. Sun-proof your tresses with SPF followed by a heavy-duty moisturiser and what’s best is to use a shower cap. Water that has itself mixed with chlorine can cause intense dryness, which in turn can make it brittle if the right step isn’t taken. 

What does your haircare routine look like? Let us know in the comments below. 

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