4 ideas to earn extra money without leaving your job

Due to the current challenges presented by the economic crisis that emerged during 2020, thousands of Mexicans have faced the salary cut by companies as one of the most present strategies to continue their operations or prevent the definitive closures of some businesses since it is known that, with the arrival of the pandemic, in Mexico almost 1.19 million formal jobs were lost between March and July 2020 and according to the IMSS , the economy in Mexico recovered more than 400 thousand formal jobs during the first semester of 2021, however, a similar amount is still needed to recover the lost jobs.

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Data from the Inegi report that the more than 4.1 million Mexicans affected by the cut in wages have seen the need to readjust their lifestyle and improve the organization of their key expenses, but it has also prepared them to seek new ways of generate extra income without having to quit your jobs to avoid losing your main source of income.

If this is your situation, then I share five ideas that require little time to generate extra income without neglecting your job.

1. Create a blog

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With a blog you can have passive income that helps cover small accounts, start writing, be constant and in a short time you could get paid for the promotion of products within your columns. Remember that you can use your passions and train yourself to give content to your blog, be it fashion and beauty, wellness, health, photography, technology, home arrangements or many more interesting topics that you can write about.

2. Sale of healthy food

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With the substantial growth of people who choose to eat healthy foods but often do not have the time to prepare them, an opportunity to generate income without wearing yourself out is to sell healthy food or weekly menus to people who want to improve their eating habits. This requires an average investment if a course in nutrition or healthy eating is taken into account to provide the best service. Platforms such as Aprende Institute have various diplomas on nutrition and health.

3. Give meditation classes

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If you have training in mindfulness , meditation or yoga, this idea is for you. Get together with a couple of friends, neighbors or co-workers and you can virtually teach them the best techniques to stay relaxed and focused in an environment as stressful as the one we currently live in. Not only will it help you to have a higher income, but it will allow others to have a better quality of life.

4. Create and sell strategies

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As you read it, business strategies, regardless of their turn, are entirely necessary to have a structured and stable company. Even though its importance is sufficient, many companies overlook it due to lack of time, preparation or ignorance of the subject. Get advice as a business expert and start your training and strategy business to help companies grow and have a clearer vision.

Today you can find endless ideas that fit your time and needs, find the one that seems best to you and start fighting the salary cut while you see more laziness in your pocket.