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Who is the mastermind behind ‘Euphoria’s nail-art designs?

Who is the mastermind behind ‘Euphoria’s nail-art designs?

Euphoria’s second season is in full swing, and almost every beauty look of the show goes viral on TikTok and Instagram. Everything about them sparks a search on the internet, from the girls’ exact makeup on the show to their intricate nail-art design. No wonder why Pinterest searches for “Euphoria makeup” has skyrocketed by 400{adb1ce361e4d115852a5ecc77da1fcd21e68b5d23904b1abbfd33825d7fe0fb5}.

When it comes to wardrobe, the multi-award-winning show also means business. But this post isn’t to talk about their outfits or electric blue eyeshadows; our article is about their manicures and nail artist Natalie Minerva.

Natalie Minerva is the artist creating ‘Euphoria’s viral nail-art designs©Natalie Minerva
Natalie Minerva is the artist creating ‘Euphoria’s viral nail-art designs

Natalie is an LA-based artist and the mastermind behind the show’s viral nail-art designs. In a recent interview for Allure, Minerva revealed that she began watching Euphoria as a fan, and then her lightbulb went on. “The beauty is such a critical part of the show, and I thought, ‘They need nail art,’” she told the publication. “It made sense with these characters; these girls would be wearing nail art in real life.”

Minerva’s subconscious called upon the universe, and it wasn’t long enough when she met Alexa Demie while the actress strolled into her Los Angeles nail salon, Nail Labo. “I told her how I felt about [putting nail art on the show], and she was like, ‘Totally, you’re so right,’” she said.

Demie shared Minerva’s ideas with the show’s producers. According to the publication, the manicurist also brought it up to the show’s lead makeup artist Doniella Davy. “She talked to [creator] Sam Levinson, and he eventually was on board. That’s how it happened,” Minerva reveals.

Alexa Demie©Natalie Minerva
Alexa Demie is the primary reason why Euphoria’s nail art exists.

As reported by Allure, Alexa Demie is the primary reason why Euphoria’s nail art exists. “I don’t think without her help, any of this would have happened,” she says.

So how does Natalie Minerva comes with the nail arts?

“I was given the script and told to review it because you do need to know what’s going on with a character; that determines the decision-making of their styling and their general taste and how they’re transitioning it,” Minerva explains.

Who approves the designs?

According to Minerva, each manicure comes to life after brainstorming with the makeup department, the hair department, and the actors. Natalie creates between five to ten sample nail looks for each episode. “We’re sort of piecing together the puzzle until we have our final nail look [for the episode], and then I make a whole set of press-on.”