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We’ve Got The Scoop On The Haircut That’s Going To Be Everywhere This Year

Nothing says new year, new me like a daring hair transformation, don’t you think? Not only do hair transformations make you look like a million bucks, but they also make you feel like a million bucks. I know I’m always on top of the world when I get a fresh haircut. Well, we’ve all experimented with our tresses these past few years, no? Whether that was giving ourselves curtain bangs at 2:00 am or dyeing it with some vibrant colour. 2022 is defo the year to experiment a little more and venture into unconventional territories. At least we believe it is!

When it comes to haircuts, we’ve lately been seeing this one particular style everywhere. Whether it’s on Siobhan Roy in Succession or on Dua Lipa at glamorous red carpets, we’ve definitely had our eyes on it. Yep, it’s the infamous bob cut! All things retro have been making a resurgence, so why shouldn’t this haircut too? While sometimes a crisp bob may seem too uptight, a more casual version of it—say hello to the collarbone bob! Not only does this style add a lot of volume towards the end but it also gives off a fresher vibe. It’s the seemingly perfect style to go for, mostly because it’s not as short as the usual bob cut and even allows you to pull your hair back. Pretty cool, no?

Did you really think we’d tell you all about the newest chic haircut on the block and not give you some much-needed inspo for it?

A Red Collarbone Bob

Um, what’s better than a collarbone bob? A red collarbone bob, duh! Smashh 2.0 has done a stellar job at using the perfect hue of red to add some exuberance to this bob.

The Wispy One

Notice how the wispy ends add a little volume to the crown? This is a great way to ensure your roots aren’t looking flat at all.

Keepin’ It Messy

Does anyone do a messy bob better than Ashley Benson? We think not! The messy bob in particular always gets brownie points all thanks to its ability to make your hair look fuller all the time.

Layers Are Fun

While most of us enjoy layers on long locks, they look pretty darn good on bob cuts too. A fun switch from poker straight bobs, layers are an ideal addition if you’re looking for a summer makeover.

Smooth Bob

A smooth and soft bob cut is the key to making some of your facial features pop out. The edges of this style have a way of giving your eyes all of the limelight while framing your face.

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