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Vegamour’s 2022 Sale Means Discounted Gro Hair Serums

Vegamour’s 2022 Sale Means Discounted Gro Hair Serums

That’s breaking news, since its hair loss remedies usually waver around the $50 to $80 mark. The sale sees 25 percent off all products until May 31 with the code HOTHAIR, fitting for the “Hot Hair Summer”-dubbed promotion. So, where to start? Nowhere but the Gro Hair Serum, which over 52,000 people bought over the course of a single month early in the pandemic.     

As the brand’s founder, Dan Hodgdon, previously told InStyle, the stress hormone cortisol can lead to excessive hair loss — so the serum reduces inflammation and stimulates microcirculation in the scalp with caffeine, peptides, antioxidant-rich red clover and curcumin, and mung bean for its abundant vitamins and minerals. Per reviewers, the serum slowed their “horrific” hair loss and brought on a large amount of regrowth. A bottle sells every 22 seconds, so it’s safe to say people love this stuff. 

Shop now: $44 with code HOTHAIR (Originally $58);

The Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum has raked in similarly glowing comments, perhaps thanks to the addition of nanometer-sized, micro-encapsulated, full-spectrum CBD. Within two months of sticking with the fluid, one fan said they saw new baby hairs coming in; another echoed that within a few weeks, their hairdresser commented on how thick their formerly thinning hair was. 

Shop now: $56 with code HOTHAIR (Originally $74);

We love a thickening shampoo, especially because if you’re already going to be using a shampoo, it might as well be one infused with thickening, strengthening ingredients. Such is the case with Vegamour’s Gro Revitalizing Shampoo: It uses the building blocks found in brand’s serums, plus vegan keratin to smooth and minimize damage. Users comment on how much more elastic their hair looks with it; in tandem with the brand’s biotin gummies, one person said they noticed more volume and baby hairs in thinning spots.  

Shop now: $36 with code HOTHAIR (Originally $48);

No such pre-existing habit exists for using lash serum, but according to devotees, it’s well-worth working into your routine. One shopper said their lashes “rarely” fall out anymore, and another customer with naturally sparse lashes said it transformed their situation into one that’s “full and lush.” They continued: “I don’t even wear mascara anymore because I don’t need to.” 

The formula fully grew back spots where they’d pulled out lashes within weeks — results other enthusiasts confirmed. Perhaps the best part, though, is that where some lash growth serums run the risk of darkening the surrounding skin, people noticed no such hazard with Vegamour’s Gro Lash Serum.   

Shop now: $60 with code HOTHAIR (Originally $80);

Some brow growth products tell you upfront that it’s going to take two tubes-worth of use to see a difference, which can be a bitter pill to swallow (especially for ones that cost a significant chunk of change). Yet reviewers said it only takes one tube of Vegamour’s Gro Brow Serum to watch their brows transform: Bare spots filled in and arches left thin from age grew back strong.  

Shop now: $60 with code HOTHAIR (Originally $80);

The last hit to take advantage of while the sale runs is Vegamour’s Gro Dry Shampoo, a low-key genius invention that combines the convenience of dry shampoo with the perks of growth-encouraging ingredients. It leaves hair feeling “fresh and clean,” one person said and lends “tons of volume” and texture. And, as an added bonus, a fan with dyed hair said it helped extend their color by virtue of not needing to shower as often.  

Shop now: $24 with code HOTHAIR (Originally $32);