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Top 10 Profitable Small Business Ideas for Women in India 2022

The entrepreneurial skills of women became the main focal point of the Indian Government’s prestigious mission – Aathma Nirbhar. Women are born entrepreneurs and have the knack to turn all odds in their favor. However, not all women come across the right opportunities to showcase their talent and taste success. Due to societal or familial pressures, many women are forced to leave their dream jobs and lock up their dreams. However, this may be the right time to unlock your potential and wake up the entrepreneur in you with these 10 Business Ideas for Women in India.

Read along to explore each of these business ideas that are women-centric and require no prior experience to kickstart.

10 Most Profitable, Low Investment Business Ideas for Women in India, 2022:

Let us now look into the top 10 Business sectors you can venture into if you have a little bit of capital and lots of passion to take it forward. Do check out for 5 low investment, profitable and executable ideas under each:

1. Beauty Care:

Women and beauty go hand and in hand. After all, who understands beauty and skincare as much as women do! No wonder why beauty care is one of the most profitable business ideas for women in India as this sector offers many lucrative options to choose from. The best part is that you can begin your business right from your home or even choose to offer personalized door-to-door services to your customers. All you need is some training, quality beauty kits and tools and a word-of-mouth marketing to get started.

Here are 5 different low-investment Business ideas in beauty sector which Indian women can start:

• Beauty Parlor
• Nail Care
• Hair Styles and Makeup
• Saree Draping
• Bridal Makeups and Top-toe Services

2. Fashion Industry:

Fashion industry is another lucrative business sector in India which doesn’t require any prior experience. All you need is basic knowledge of ongoing trends and evolving customer tastes to stay afloat in the game. You can operate as a ‘No-Inventory’ business by acting as a middleman to the customer and seller or choose to start your own boutique if you are talented enough. Apart from clothing, you can also try your hand at selling trending accessories and jewellery that most women will find it hard to resist.

Here are the Top 5 small business ideas from home for women in the fashion industry:

• Online Clothing Sales
• Designer Boutiques
• Tailoring and Embroidery
• Costume Making and Fabric Designing
• Accessories and Jewellery

3. Health and Fitness:

If there is one sector that never goes out of demand, it is undoubtedly health and fitness. If you are an active and healthy woman with a primary interest in health and fitness, there is a world waiting to be explored. From taking online fitness and Zumba classes to teaching people how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are multiple paths you can choose in this sector. However, you are required to have relevant certifications or training before you officially kickstart your health and fitness startup.

Here are the Top 5 small business ideas in the health and fitness sector:

• Aerobics and Zumba
• Online Yoga and Wellness
• Nutrition and Weight Management (with relevant education and certification)
• Aromatherapy (with relevant certification)
• Mental Wellness and Psychological Counselling (with relevant education and experience)

4. Food and Beverage Industry:

F&B is one of the most profitable business sectors for women in India if you are passionate about food and customer service. You really don’t need any fancy place or huge capital to start your food business. Just start small in your kitchen and operate it online as cloud business. You can also start catering services to your neighbors and friends on their special occasions. Then, slowly, things can get serious and bigger by hiring more staff and help in your kitchen.

Here are the 5 most profitable business ideas for women in India inf&b industry:

• Catering Services
• Cafes and Small Restaurants
• Juices and Healthy Food
• Batters and Readymade Doughs
• Bakery Goods

5. Education:

Education is one of the most profitable startups in India for women with zero investment. You can high margins and high profits, provided you have the time and energy to train people. With almost every stream in education moving online, there are plenty of opportunities for you to explore and grow. You can tutor young kids, take math or language classes, teach them coding and help youngsters prepare for their IELTS or GMAT. Their weakness should become your strength!

Here are the Top 5 most profitable, high margin business startup ideas with zero investment in education:

• Online or Offline Tuitions
• Training Centers
• Day-Care Centers, Schools
• Languages and Personality Development
• Coaching Centers

6. Fine Arts Teaching:

If you are well-versed in any fine art like painting, dance or music, now is the chance to start your low investment business startup. You can either take online or offline classes depending on your student base. Renting out a studio or a flat is not a bad idea either. Just focus more on marketing your skills and help people understand why are you better than a million other artists out there. Apart from teaching, you can also start selling out fine arts like paintings and do commissions as well.

Here are the Top 5 small business ideas for women in Indian in the fine arts sector:

• Online or Offline Classes/Workshops
• Sale of Artworks
• Calligraphy
• Candle-making
• Sale of Handmade Goods

7. IT Development:

IT Development is a trending business startup idea with high margins and of course, higher risks due to stiff competition. However, if you are willing to take a chance and show that you are the best among the rest, this is the field for you. From designing websites to offering consultation services to IT firms there is huge work you can do in this sector. You can also choose to set up a small firm or work as a freelancer initially to discover the journey. Remember, you will be your own boss henceforth!

Here are the Top 5 Business startup ideas for women in IT sector:

• Website Development
• Games Development
• Apps and Software
• Graphics Designing
• Recruitment’s

8. Content Writing and Social Media:

Content writing is one of the most trending and most profitable business ideas for women in India. With every brand screaming out aloud that “Content is King”, you better make use of your skill! Simply writing any other article will not you much. You need some basic training to write SEO friendly copies that will stand out on Google. Once you understand the technicalities and combine it with your language skills, there is no looking for you in this field.

Here are 5 Business Startup ideas in Content industry:

• Content and Article Writing
• Book Authoring
• Social Media Management
• Training the Writers
• Affiliate Marketing

9. Printing:

Printing is another most profitable business startup idea for women in India. You can own a printing press which different types of printers to center to a wide customer base. From flexi printing to business cards and even 3D printing, there is a wide range of specialization to choose from. The ROI is huge in this business and if you happen to be the only person in your neighbourhood or community to have setup a printing firm, then your business is sure to soar with no threat from competitors.

Here are 5 different types of printing businesses you can choose from:

• Brochures and Flexis
• 3D Printing
• Saree Printing
• Personalized Mug Printing
• Xerox Printing

10. Small Manufacturing:

Starting a manufacturing unit might sound like an impossible idea, at least for women. In reality, it’s not that complex! Manufacturing units need not always be huge industries. You can open up a small facility in your garage or even on your terrace until you get good client base. Firstly, decide which area of manufacturing do you want to explore? Like Packaging? Plastics? Fabrics? Depending on your expertise and of course, the trending concept in market, you can open up your own small manufacturing unit.

Here are top 5 profitable manufacturing business startup ideas for women in India:

• Packing Jams and Pickles
• Cold Pressed Oils, Powders
• Cloth Manufacturing Units
• Plastic Goods Manufacturing
• Cosmetics

Apart from these, there are many more business start-up ideas for women that need more female power to grow. Before starting any business on your own, it’s ways a good idea to speak to people who have tried the path and learn from their journey. Do you have any more such unique and profitable small business ideas for women? If yes, kindly let us know!