Tips to get rid of acrylic nails at home with this ultra easy guide

Everything pretty (let’s say man-made things) comes with a price. Agreed? Turns out, Acrylic nails

Everything pretty (let’s say man-made things) comes with a price. Agreed? Turns out, Acrylic nails are one such thing that’s quick to fascinate you and break your heart when you fail to take care of it. Apparently, when you take good care of your digits post all the artwork, it lasts for up to 3 weeks so you can flaunt it longer. 


Let’s just admit we all love running to the nail art salon and spending hours there while every two minutes you look at how beautiful your nails look. We don’t blame you for all that the Internet has to inspire you with time and again. From square-shaped to duck nails, the beauty bar is on fire. Once you’re all done with flaunting your nails and gradually grown to be bored of the acrylic nails you’ve got, do you want to head back to the salon? Worried it will weigh your pockets down? We get it’s a swanky business, so if you’re fretting big time, we’re here to give you some at-home tips to remove this acrylic artwork with utmost care. 



Acetone is the ultimate liquid formula that can help you get rid of these in a DIY manner. Keep a manicure kit handy and get started with these steps jotted below. 


1. Nail art isn’t alone about glitter and plain hues, if you see some embellishments on, use a tweezer to remove them. 

2. Follow it up by trimming the excess nails with a nail clipper. 

3. Next up, prep your nails to get better soaked by acetone so the nail paints wear off easily. Pick up a nail buffer and gently run it on your nails to scrape it off. 

4. Pour acetone into a bowl or a tray that can help you drench your fingers with the elixir. 

5. After you let your nails drink up the acetone for 5 minutes, use a nail pusher to splinter the nail polish from your cuticles. Be fragile and do not force remove. 

6. Shift your fingers back inside the liquid and wait it out for a couple of minutes. This can ease up the process of nail polish removal for you. 

7. You can repeat the above step until the acrylic is ready to come off completely. The solution is key here. 

8. Get rid of all the residue left with a nail buffer and smother your nails with cuticle oil. The cuticle oil can feed your nails with a protective layer of moisture. So, use your fingers to massage it all over the cuticle bed. 


Do you have some DIY beauty hacks to share? Let us know in the comments below. 

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