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This TikTok-Loved Brand Launched A New Exfoliating Serum

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If you’re someone who enjoys scrolling through TikTok to find the latest in skincare trends and products, I’m sure the TikTok algorithm has placed a viral video starring Glow Recipe products in your feed a time or two. The hashtag #glowrecipe alone boasts more than 116.5 million views on the app, with so many TikTokers sharing their love for the brand’s best-selling products that give their skin a dewy, glass-skin-like glow. Now the brand is releasing its first-ever gentle, exfoliating serum — and shoppers are already saying it’s made their skin feel “instantly softer.”

“We would often ask questions about what we should launch next or what fruit we should work on next as an innovation,” Lee tells InStyle. “And when we asked this question a few years ago about which fruit should we work on next, strawberry was on the top of the list.” Lee added, “It was the most requested fruit from our community.”

From there, Lee and Chang paired the natural BHA, a pore unclogging oil-soluble acid, in strawberry with a powerful yet gentle blend of ingredients. To create a serum that works to both soothe and retexturize the skin, they combined BHA, AHA, and azelaic acid liposome, which work to exfoliate and decongest the skin, with hyaluronic acid, allantoin, and bisabolol, which hydrate and brighten the skin. 

“We really wanted to make sure that even though the potency is super efficacious and powerful, anybody could enjoy it because the texture is really pleasant,” Lee said. “And we have gentle actives that help with soothing and hydrating for the blend.”

Like all other Glow Recipe products, the texture of the serum is gentle, and easily soaks into your skin with no sticky residue, according to Sephora shoppers. Many users also point out that it has a slight strawberry aroma that smells fruity, but yet not overpowering. 

Even though it recently launched, customers have already given it more than 38,000 “loves” on Sephora’s site, taking to the review section to share their experience with the product — many noting how quickly they started seeing a difference. One shopper said that they noticed results within just a week of consistently using this product, adding that their spots were “fading away gradually.” 

Another complimented the hydrating formula, writing that the serum cleared up the uneven texture on their forehead without drying their skin. “It is powerful but hydrating,” they said. “It feels like a thin hydrating serum and mixed well with all the products I already use. This is the first time an AHA product is so hydrating on me and I will continue using it!”

And if you have skin sensitivities, fear not. “It’s gentle and non-irritating, and it leaves my skin feeling and looking soft, smooth, and radiant,” another user said. “This serum feels hydrating and leaves my skin feeling smooth and dewy. I like to layer it with plum plump for superior hydration, but it keeps my skin hydrated well on its own as well.”

If you’ve been looking for a serum that will exfoliate the skin without irritating it, this is your ticket. You can find it at Sephora for $40, a hefty price tag, but as shoppers have said, “a little goes a long way for this product.” See if it’s worth the hype for yourself before it becomes the next TikTok-famous beauty hack.