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This Popular French Anti-Aging Serum Is Back in Stock

This Popular French Anti-Aging Serum Is Back in Stock

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I owe my skincare obsession to my mom. She has always been on top of her skincare game, and now, it’s paid off. Even though she’s in her early 60s, my mom is often told she looks like she’s in her 40s. While I’m sure genetics are at play (and hopefully I inherited them), it’s also thanks to a handful of beauty products, including this concentrated French serum, which is finally back in stock after disappearing off virtual shelves in early March.

The Filorga NCEF-Shot Concentrated Face Serum is so popular around the world that the brand had to have it flown directly from France in order to meet customer demand, the Filorga team tells InStyle. If you’re wondering why so many people want to get their hands on the tiny $94 bottle, it’s simply because it’s that effective. The face serum was created to mimic a mesotherapy injection, a French-originating face filler, which “involves a superficial injection of hyaluronic acid and revitalizing ingredients into the skin” for smoother, firmer, and more radiant skin, according to the brand. 

Found in the serum and a few of the brand’s other products, Filorga developed a unique complex called New Cellular Encapsulated Factors (NCEF), which contains the active ingredients in a meso-injection, like hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, coenzymes, minerals, and antioxidants. The brand explains that “the encapsulated formula is easily absorbed into the skin’s layers (through the epidermis to the dermis below) where it plumps that layer as an injection (filler) would, but without needles.”

My mom has been using the Filorga serum once a day for about six months, and she says it’s firmed her skin within that time frame. She describes it as lightweight and says it has a “delicate” fragrance she enjoys. While she’s been using it for half a year, the product’s instructions actually say that you should start seeing results within 10 days of using it twice a day — and a couple of Amazon shoppers can attest to the rapid results.

“After 10 days, I can see my skin getting firmer and wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable,” one customer wrote. “This treatment worked very well for my needs and my skin regained its radiance.” Another shopper said it feels “silky smooth,” and has seen an improvement around their eye area after two weeks of using it.