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Thierry Mugler Net Worth Before Death: How Much He Made From Mugler

Since his death, fashion lovers have wondered about Thierry Mugler‘s net worth and how much he made from his eponymous brand, MUGLER, before he passed.

Mugler—whose full name was Manfred Thierry Mugler—died on January 23, 2022 of “natural causes.” He was 73 years old. “#RIP We are devastated to announce the passing of Mr Manfred Thierry Mugler on Sunday January 23rd 2022. May his soul Rest In Peace,” his team wrote in an Intagram post at the time in both English and French. “Nous avons l’immense tristesse de vous faire part du décès de Monsieur Manfred Thierry Mugler survenu dimanche 23 janvier 2022. Que son âme repose en paix.”

Mugler, a designer from Strasbourge, France, launched his eponymous fashion house, MUGLER, in the 1970s and became known for his dramatic, avant-grade designs. He retired from fashion in 2002 but returned in 2013 as MUGLER’s creative adviser. Throughout his career, Mugler has designed for dozens of celebrities including Lady Gaga, Cardi B, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, who paid tribute to the late designer in an Instagram post on January 24, 2022. “Manfred Thierry Mugler 💔 My heart breaks. There’s no one like you! Your vision, your transformations, your magic! I am so honored to have known you, spent time with you and be a muse for you,” she captioned the post, which included a slideshow of photos of her and Mugler. “There was so much more for you to show the world and that we had planned to do together, but you already gave us so much. I will never forget our time together around the world and learning from the master himself on what couture really meant!” She continued, “You always said beauty will save the world – and you really believed it was a better place because of the beauty all around! Thank you for the beauty. I love you so much. My condolences go to Manfred’s family, friends, JB and his incredible team – and everyone who loved him and who’s lives he has touched.”

Iman, who modeled several times for Mugler’s brand, also paid tribute to the late designer in an Instagram post. “In my career I can honestly say I’ve had two collaborators who’ve changed the trajectory of not only my career but my life….Peter Beard and Thierry Mugler!” she captioned the post, which included a series of videos on the runway for Mugler. “Mr. Mugler was not only a designer who believed in me but also in my womankind…. the black model! He was not only an ally for me in front of the crowd but also behind my back & ours—— A true friend! Let’s remember our heroes and allies not only when they die, but let’s honor them and shout out their names when they’re alive! I will forever be in your gratitude. #RIP #ManfredThierryMugler.”

So what was Thierry Mugler’s net worth? Read on for what we know about Mugler’s net worth and how much he made from his brand before his sudden death.

How much does MUGLER make?

Thierry Mugler 5 Thierry Muglers Net Worth Reveals How Much He Made From His Brand Before His Death

Image: Henry McGee/MediaPunch /IPX.

How much does MUGLER make? Mugler launched his eponymous brand in 1973 with his first personal collection “Café de Paris.” The success of the collection led Mugler to launch a collection for men and open his first boutique at the Place des Victoires in the 1er Arrondissement in Paris, France. By the 1980s and 1990s, Mugler—who had become known for his avant-garde suits—had seen a wealth of commercial success for his brand. In 1992, he completed his first haute couture collection, and in 1997, he sold the rights to his name, Thierry Mugler, to the French cosmetics company Clarins. Around this time, Mugler also saw success designing for concerts, theatre productions, music videos, and movies, including Demi Moore’s black dress in 1993’s Indecent Proposal. In 2002, Mugler announced his retirement from fashion, a year before Clarins shuttered the ready-to-wear division of his brand due to financial losses. (The company, however, kept Mugler’s perfumes because they were profitable.)

In an interview with Elle in 2017, Mugler revealed why he retired from fashion but continued to work in beauty. (He launched his own cosmetics line, Thierry Mugler Beauty, in 2008.) “Fashion is beautiful, 3-D art on a human being. But it wasn’t enough, which is why I went on to create in other ways. For me, it wasn’t the right tool anymore. But perfume still interests me,” he said. “The fact that perfume is so close to emotion, that’s why I really love it. It’s such a good connection between people. When you fall in love with somebody, smell is very important. It could be your memory of the person—it’s touching. And it’s also playful, because sometimes you choose a different perfume every day depending on your mood. I like to help with that. I like to give a little joy to people.”

Mugler also told Elle at the time that he thought fashion had become too motivated by money. “I think they need me badly,” he said. “I think now it’s the money who tells the artist what to do—it’s not the artist who tells the money what to do. And things move very fast, which is hard, because sometimes you need more time to be creative. I guess no one has a loud mouth like I did. They don’t dare to scream loudly what they think. But you can’t take fashion too seriously. The whole thing is about giving the woman who wears your clothes some power, some fun, some service. It’s great to make it as art. But first, it’s a service for someone.” In September 2010, Mugler changed the name of his brand to MUGLER, removing his first time. Though he had retired from fashion for the mot part, Mugler came out of retirement on a few occasions to dress celebrities like Beyoncé for her 2009 “I Am… World Tour,” Kim Kardashian for the 2019 Met Gala, and other stars like Cardi B.

Though it’s unclear how much Mugler’s brand was worth as a whole, The New York Times reported in 2010 that the company’s two best-selling perfumes, Angel and Alien, make about $280 million in sales each year. Angel, which was Mugler’s first perfume, launched in 1992. The perfume, whose bottle was designed in the shape of a faceted star, contains a mix of praline, chocolate and patchouli scents and includes celebrity fans like  Diana Ross, Barbara Walters, Eva Mendes and Hillary Clinton. Mugler launched his second major fragrance, Alien, in 2005. According to The New York Times, Mugler’s third perfume, Womanity, made about $80 million in sales when it launched in 2010.

What was Thierry Mugler’s net worth?

Thierry Mugler

Image: Henry McGee/MediaPunch /IPX.

What was Thierry Mugler’s net worth? Mugler’s net worth was $20 million before his death, according to Sportskeeda. Along with the tens of millions of dollars he made from his MUGLER brand and frangrances like Angel and Alien, Thierry Mugler’s net worth also included what he made from designing looks for stars like  Michael Jackson, Madonna, Grace Jones, David Bowie and Diana Ross throughout his career. Mugler also directed and designed the outfit for George Michael’s “Too Funky” music video in 1992, as well as the looks for Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s 2009 music video for the song “Telephone.” Along with fashion design, Mugler, who had also designed looks for Cardi B and Kim Kardashian, had also directed short films and commercials (including one for Alien) before his death in 2022. In 2002, Mugler directed Cirque du Soleil’s “Extravaganza” show, which he also created the costumes for.

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