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These French tips are the latest style for your nails

These French tips are the latest style for your nails

The French manicure has a remarkable staying power. As it continues to be popular this year, it has spawned a plethora of vibrant styles with the same timeless DNA: arcs of hues around the tips of nails. Talented nail artists have shared their unique takes on French tips on Instagram, including V-shaped tips, tie-dye, and eggs, specifically sunny side up. Here’s all the inspiration you’ll need to get started on your new claws.

Unexpected French tips to try right now

A French tip is comparable to a blazer. It will never go out of style since it goes with everything, but there are many ways to make it feel more young, fresh, and trendy. And how you pair it based on hue, shape, width, and pattern may really make it feel fresh and different.

There’s sure to be at least one French manicure trend on this list that appeals to your aesthetic. Show your favourite pick to your nail artist at your next appointment, or try it yourself.

Rainbow abstract

You don’t have to choose just one colour for your French tip manicure; embrace them all with rainbow nails. Rainbow nails are a fun, bright aesthetic that everyone should attempt at least once, and there are several ways to achieve it. If you prefer a more subtle look, go for a V-shaped line at the tip of your nails, with each side a different colour. The end result is subtle yet lovely. But if you want to go all out, try recreating this quirky rainbow abstract nail inspiration.

French with a logo

You’ve probably seen logo nail art on social media because it’s been one of the hottest trends in recent years. Putting logos to your nails is a great way to display your personality and interests. You may showcase your favourite brands, whether they are athletic brands like Nike or luxury fashion houses like Chanel. You may be creative with the colour of your tips, selecting from a range of pastels or matching them to the shade of your logo.

Coffin French pastels

Experimenting with different colours, nail lengths, and shapes is one way to make the French tips feel more modern and interesting. Longer nails are ideal for this design since they provide more space for nail art and accentuate the tips. If you enjoy wearing long nails, consider a coffin shape. Coffin nails are incredibly feminine and beautiful, and celebrities and style icons like them for their versatility. They may elongate your fingers and make even the most basic look appear trendy and fun.

Mix and Match

We’ve established that you don’t have to stick to a single colour for your French manicure. You should not have to limit yourself to a single design. Adorn each finger with a unique design. For a more fun aesthetic, add adorable, distinctive accents and colours to each nail.

Floral French

These French claws have been given a fresh, lovely facelift by switching up the colours and adding little daisies. Because there are so many possibilities, French tip is one of our favourite nail art styles. Adding  these designs in your nail art can really take your look to the next level.

Half French

It takes a great artist to pull off a look like this. Experimenting with design variations while adding a contemporary edge elevates the design. The innovative use of negative space creates a highly modern flourish.

Polka dot French

This modern French take is deceptively simple, requiring only one additional tool: a dotting tool. This is a classic French design with a contemporary touch. The finished piece has a 3-D appearance, ushering this French into the twenty-first century. If you don’t want to go all French, try a regular nail paint with polka dots on some of them.


To transform this style from colourful French tips to zoological French tips, have your nail technician hand-draw scales to mimic a snake’s slithering skin. Keeping the nail art to a few fingers will help those who are afraid of reptiles, but the rest should feel free to snake this pattern around all ten fingers.

Featured Image: Courtesy Instagram/clawsxcollxtion; Hero Image: Courtesy Unsplash

Snakeskin to Rainbow: These French tips are the latest style for your nails