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Suzanne Somers’ 5 Anti-Aging Tips

Whether you know her best as Chrissy Snow from Three’s Company, Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step, or as herself in all those ThighMaster ads, one thing’s for sure: Actress, entrepreneur, author, and infomercial queen Suzanne Somers is a true beauty and wellness icon — and maybe even the GOAT when it comes to holistic living and marketing herself as a lifestyle guru. In the entertainment business since the age of 17, the now 75-year-old has picked up hundreds of beauty secrets and makeup tricks over the years, culminating in her own line, Suzanne Organics, which she launched in 2019 and now offers many categories of products, ranging from serums and cosmetics to haircare and supplements.

It wasn’t until her breast cancer diagnosis back in 2000 though that she made a total shift in her eating and sleeping habits as well as her mindset, with positivity, clean living, rest, and functional movement becoming central to her way of living — along with the practices of self-care and yoga. “If you’re not going to take care of yourself, it’s going to show on your face, and on your body, and it’s going to cause accelerated aging,” the celeb told Yahoo! Life a few years back in an interview. “So take good care of yourself.”

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Now cancer-free and continuing to live her best life on her own terms, the actress continues to inspire with her fresh-faced beauty looks, signature golden locks, and killer toned legs. If you want to know the secrets behind her six-decade-long career in Hollywood, well, that’s another story entirely. But if you’re looking to be clued in on how she’s found her way to the top of the aging better game, creating her own beauty, fashion, and health empire in the process — that’s what the following beauty and skincare insights from the star herself will reveal.

She values the ritual of getting ready for the day — for herself first.

“A beauty regimen is so important as you age, because you want to present your best face not only to yourself and your husband or your family, but to the world,” she told Yahoo! Life. “And to not take care of yourself means you don’t value yourself. I comb my hair every day and I get dressed every day, and most days, put on a little eyeliner just to open up the eyes. It’s part of my self-esteem to present the best face that I am capable of presenting.”

Her point here? Creating time and space for yourself at the start of each day can really set the tone for what’s to come, and taking a beat for beauty — even if it’s as simple as just brushing your hair or putting on a little bit of lipstick — is a great way to kick things off. Little indulgences can add up to looking and feeling like your best self so you can be your best in all that you do.

She loves to indulge in old school beauty rituals.

She may have her own organic skincare and makeup Iine, but that doesn’t mean every single product she uses is fancy and budget-breaking. Back in 2020, she told Prevention that one of her favorite ways to unwind is with a simple Epsom salt bath at night. While she’s kicking back in the bath, she likes to multitask with a coconut oil mask, using it as a treatment for extra hydration in her hair and on her face. Stars, they’re just like us — and can find the value in a little bit of “me time” with drug and grocery store staples.

The older she gets, the less makeup she wears.

Your inclination to offset the signs of aging — fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots — might be to layer on the makeup products, but Suzanne knows the key to a fresh face at any age is doing more with less — and taking stock of your look each and every step of the way with the tools you have at your disposal. “The biggest beauty mistake women over 50 make that I see is continuing to do the makeup they did when they were in their 20s,” she told Yahoo! Life. “Because at 50, 60, 70, 80, it starts looking thick and heavy because you have to put on more. Your lines aren’t as defined as they were.”

Her trick for seeing whether she’s gone too far with any given look? Pulling out her smartphone! “We have cell phones,” she said in the same interview. “You can take a picture of yourself, and the cell phone pictures don’t lie. And just see if what you’re doing is working.”

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Fillers and facelifts aren’t for her.

The actress set the record straight on Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen back in 2020, telling him she never had a facelift and she doesn’t believe in fillers, after the ones she got years ago shifted before dissolving. Instead of pricey procedures that claim to turn back the clock, Suzanne has chosen to focus on preventative measures for glowy skin. Every night she whips up an anti-aging cocktail of her own products for her face and sticks to that routine religiously. “I put on liquid oxygen, ageless serum, glutathione serum, and CoQ10 moisturizer,” she told Cohen. Also, when asked point blank whether she thinks there’s a correlation between good sex and a good complexion, she answered an unequivocal yes. Now that’s food for thought!

Monitoring her hormones helps her manage her body, skin, and general wellness

Somers is a big believer in being in tune with her body, but she knows science can be beneficial to that process, too. That’s why she keeps tabs on her hormone levels with regular testing so she can correct any imbalances, which she believes leads to a healthier mind, body, and even microbiome, both internally and externally. “Every year, I get lab testing done to show my hormone levels,” she told Prevention a few years ago. “I take supplements and vitamins determined by my deficiencies, and aim to keep everything in perfect balance.”

Specifically, in addition to taking estrogen every day and fish oil morning and night, the star has also added B12, magnesium, and zinc to her lineup as well as prebiotics and probiotics.

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