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Starface Hydro-Stars Pimple Patches Are Hailey Bieber-Approved for Getting Rid of Zits Fast

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Hailey Bieber and myself have little in common, but we both love a particularly adorable pimple patch. The idea that removing excess gunk from a nasty zit could be both cute and effective sounds impossible, but this Bieber-loved brand has done the unthinkable. 

Like other acne patches, Hydro-Stars (Buy It, $15, were created with hydrocolloid, a gel-like substance that not only reduces redness and inflammation, but also withdraws pimple liquid. It’s a disgusting job, but hydrocolloid patches are especially great at shrinking your zits without having to use your bacteria-ridden fingers to pop them (a big no-no, since that can cause more harm than good and lead to scarring). (Related: The Best Pimple Patches You Can Buy RN) 

As a beauty writer, I’ve tested countless pimple patches, and Hydro-Stars are among the most effective at truly sticking to the skin and encasing the pimple. This patch delivered on the undeniable satisfaction that comes in removing a patch and seeing what was once inside your pimple. 

The patch is always successful in reducing the size of my largest whiteheads (particularly when it comes to hormonal acne), and on more than one occasion, I’ve removed the star and audibly exclaimed at what’s come out of my face. 

Bieber uses the patches as a spot treatment, claiming in her video that “they heal a pimple way faster.” She added, “If I’m breaking out, I will always sleep with one of these on.” She suggests sticking them on small spots, but as Starface notes, you’ll first want to wash that area of your face to cleanse the pimple. 

In using Hydro-Stars, I have noticed an overnight reduction in the size of my pimple. There have been some especially large zits that required wearing a Hydro-Star over multiple nights, but the patch works to prevent me from picking or worsening the blemish, so it’s truly a win-win. (Related: How to Safely Use a Comedone Extractor on Blackheads and Whiteheads)

And with more than 1,200 five-star ratings, the model and I are not the only fans—reviewers laud the pimple patches for working quickly to suck out the gunk. “[It” really minimizes the size and redness of my pimples overnight,” one reviewer shared. Another added, “I get really sore, large spots around my period. These stars not only settle the spots, they stop me [from] picking them. When they have a head, the stars draw out the yuck, which is better than squeezing!”

As an added earth-friendly bonus, Starface Hydro-Stars are sold in a refillable compact. After your first purchase, you can simply choose to buy only the stars and stick them in your case. For those in the mood for fun, the brand also offers Hydro-Stars in different colors and nostalgic Sesame Street-inspired designs