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Slay your matric dance with these must-know hacks

Matric dance season is approaching for many pupils who are completing their final year in high school.

The matrics of 2021 are currently writing their final exams, and although the majority of matrics have already had their dances earlier this year, many will only be attending their dances after their finals.

Try your best in cutting down costs when it comes to preparing for your big day by trying out these easy and effective matric dance hacks.

Buy your dress from online retailers

Usually, matric dance dresses are super expensive, especially if you are buying the from special dress shops and boutiques.

Ditch the pricey dresses and shop for your matric dance dress from reliable online retailers such as Shein and Fashion Nova.

Online retail stores have thousands of dress designs to choose from, and you will spend almost half of what you would spend at your local dress boutique.


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Check Facebook groups

Jet Set Gypsea has shared a video on TikTok giving matriculants advice on where they can get name-brand matric dance dresses at a super low price.

In the video she says beauty pageant contestants usually sell their dresses after each competition as they are constantly looking for new dresses for their next competitions.

She says beauty pageant contestants usually go onto Facebook and sell their dresses on Facebook groups which are specially created for dress sellers and buyers.

These dresses are almost always in the best condition because they are usually just worn on the walkway once and never worn again.


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Covering your redness and acne

One of the best ways to cut costs for your matric dance would be to do your own hair and makeup.

There are hundreds and thousands of tutorials on YouTube which you could search through to find the best and easiest looks which you can perfect by yourself for your big day.

Megs Cahill has shared her hack on how to cover her redness and acne.

She begins by saying she makes use of a green concealer all over her face to cover the redness.

Shen then mixes some green concealer with some putty primer to directly cover her acne scars. The putty primer will ensure that the primer sticks to your acne scars.


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Make you fragrance last the whole night

Scortezz Beauty has shared a hack on how he gets his fragrance to last much longer without needing to constantly spray his cologne all night.

He says you need apply some simple Vaseline to the areas on your body where you would like to directly spray your cologne, and then spray your cologne onto the Vaseline.

The Vaseline will ensure the scent of your cologne lasts much longer.


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Bobby pin hairspray

Claudia Greiner has shared a few fashion and beauty tips for your matric dance.

The first hack is spraying hairspray onto your bobby pins before you put them into your hair. This will ensure that your bobby pins will stay in your hair all day, and if you are using them to pin down your hair, then this will ensure that they keep your hair in place.


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Hairspray on your tights

Her second hack is spraying hairspray onto tights or stockings if you are wearing them with your matric dance dress.

Spraying your tights while their on your legs will ensure that your tights do not tear and rip, or do not get any random holes in them.

Taking perfume with you

Claudia’s third hack is a way to take perfume with you to your matric dance. She advises that you head to the mall and get yourself some perfume samples.

These samples are usually small and can fit in any bag or purse of any size.

Doing your own nails

Claudia’s last hack is for the girls who will be doing their own nails for their matric dance.

She says after painting you nails, you need to ensure that you allow for the nail polish to dry in the shade, away from the sun.

This hack will ensure that your nails dry up smoothly, without any bumps or bubbles.