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Simple DIY tips to get your jewellery to shine the brightest and look its cleanest

Come what may, the party mode mustn’t stop. Agreed? From engagement parties to weddings and brunches won’t see an apocalypse if you choose to do it virtually. The idea of what outfits to make up and accessories to pick strikes almost everybody’s mind, but a few paid heed to what they think fits the essential list. So, what’s jewellery to you? It’s a piece of art that brings the mutation of glamour and grace that helps to complement an ensemble. 


What would an outfit do with your neck, ears and fingers left bare? It doesn’t complete a look rather keeps things to a minimum. But, looking like a regal diva is not wrong so that’s when you’ll count upon jewellery that’s sitting snug inside your closet. Have faced your accessories for years or a couple of months? Be wary of the self-damage it tends to call for with time and wrong modes of packaging. Yes, your humble and charming accessories can be difficult to put up with and are absolute trouble-makers. So, let’s get you to bring them back in their truest beautiful form with a few simple tips that will help to mitigate obvious damages like tarnishing and dullness. 


Are you storing your jewellery right? Packing all your jewellery in plastic boxes isn’t the most preferred way to keep these in a good condition. For instance, combine your gold jewellery in a cloth and then put them inside a spacious box. To store earrings and bangles, it’s best to use mini stands rather than just bundling up. It stays organised, is easy to use, and won’t lead to scratches that can be caused often when every jewellery is kept super close. Don’t consider diamonds as your best friends if you’re not keeping them wrapped up inside a selvyt cloth. Also, keep sanitizers away from jewellery beautified with precious stones.


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Let’s now get to cleansing your favourite ornaments squeaky clean so these can bring back its glistening game.



Silver Jewellery 


The easiest solution would be to bring home a silver polish. This is the secret concoction that can help suck out the dirt, reduce all tarnishes, and enhance the actual colour of your jewellery. Take a cloth and gently run it on your accessories. Once you’ve completed this step, give it a rinse with water and wipe it with water and let it dry up. 


Doesn’t seem like you’d give this a try? This bare minimum of a solution can work magic. Take a few drops of baby shampoo and let it sit inside a cup of warm water. Do not clean all pieces of jewellery at once. Let these take turns. Once the solution dissolves well for about 10-15 minutes, take a toothbrush that’s ideal for sensitive teeth or go for a makeup brush to keep them all neat. Once done, use warm water to wash it all off and leave it to air dry. You can use this step to clean gold jewellery as well. Toothpaste and aluminium foil are also other remedies that can help. 


Here’s another go-to ingredient but remember to use this cautiously. Take 1/4 cup baking soda and 2 tablespoons of water to curate a paste. Clean your jewellery with water and use a soft cloth to polish it all with this DIY mixture. Now, rinse it with warm water and leave it to buff dry. 


Gold Jewellery 


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Without pearls and gemstones in sight, here’s what you need for plain jewellery. Take a pinch of baking soda and pour drops of vinegar on it. Use a cloth to gently dab it all over and rinse it off with tepid water. Do not go for extremely warm water as it can lead to damage. 




beauty3 simple tips jewellery shine clean


Take tepid water, little drops of mild soap, and a gentle brush. Avoid running the formula on the stones and focus on the rest of the jewellery. Wash it off with water and for a cloth to let it dry neat. 


Precious stones


These require special care and hence seltzer water is the secret sauce that can give a renewed shine. Use mild dish soap or baby shampoo and use the water solution to draw-out grime. Use a lint-free fabric to dry these. If you see minimal dust or want to clean the stones, use a soft-bristle dry brush to help you out. 




Do not let pearls soak up water. It’s a terrible thing to do as these can easily dull the shine. Instead, you can clean these beauties with a damp cloth or a makeup brush. Use little water and mild shampoo, blend these two, and simply dust it over pearls. Be quick to clean it with a cloth that’s all moist and allow it to dry. 


What are your go-to jewellery cleansing tips? Share it in the comments section below. 

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