Siam Piwat introduces Business Creators

Out-of-the-box thinkers to drive innovation and new business model

Overcoming limitations to make impossible possible is a core DNA of Siam Piwat, enabling the organisation to always deliver extraordinary experiences. In the challenging business world, Siam Piwat has continuously stepped forward to drive the organisation with creativity and innovation. Developing business strategies and innovation, a team of Think Tank and Business Development (called Business Creators) work together to cultivate new ideas, think outside the box, and build on the existing strength to create new business models through collaboration with global partners. This approach is linked to create a new form of experiences such as a connection to digital assets and deliver borderless experiences in the parallel world of online and offline platforms in order to serve the customers of the future without limits.

Chanisa Kaewruen, Head of Corporate Strategy Group: An out-of-the-box thinker, the leader of Think Tank, plays an integral role in driving inspiration, and cultivating cutting-edge innovation in every dimension, with the aim to build consumer relevancy and connect business opportunities to create mutual benefits with retailers and business partners for extensive growth. 

“Siam Piwat is the leader in creating customer experience and building a platform to introduce novelties for both real and virtual worlds. We have run business with creativity to create the first experience to our shopping centres, enabling us to win various global awards. As the competition of the business world is changing, we can’t stick to our previous success. We have to think beyond the retail business, bringing innovation and technology to be a game changer and fulfil the extraordinary experiences in the new world. We have to look for new growth engines and expand our success to create a new way to generate revenue that will drive the business to grow continuously.”

Sarahneeya Chakkaphak, Business Development – Special Business Division: formulates strategies for Siam Piwat’s food business and mainly oversees Blue by Alain Ducasse, which is a brand that was created especially for ICONSIAM. Working from scratch, she works in close collaboration with the teams in Paris and developing the teams at Siam Piwat to take on the very challenging role of supporting a French fine dining restaurant. Behind the glorious recognition that Blue by Alain Ducasse has achieved is the team work of very passionate individuals who are relentless about being better every day.

“The process has been a tremendous learning experience which without Siam Piwat’s track record and vision for the extraordinary, there would be no opportunity to be involved in such projects. The validation of our efforts to-date is a testament that we are making a difference to Bangkok as one of the world’s top dining destinations and that we are part of an award-winning team.”

Salawit Suviporn, Creative Innovation Strategist (Think Tank): develops business solutions with innovative ideas through collaboration with world-class business partners and supports business units to offer new services and experiences never seen before, ranging from a Future Lab project to a Metaverse project, especially the recent partnership with ZEPETO, 3D Avatar platform, to celebrate the first Metaverse Songkran festival to create extraordinary experiences in the parallel virtual and offline worlds seamlessly. 

“Innovative strategy is to use creativity as the starting point and scout for new ideas and new players and move forward to new kinds of borderless business. Now, Siam Piwat is stepping into the Metaverse and aiming to expand its customer base to Global Citizens. This is the challenge we are taking on to prove our capabilities once again.”

Ponrawut Buranakit, Business Development – Strategic investment and New Economy, formulates business strategies related to investment and new economy. He is the key man working closely with Think Tank to cultivate investment strategies and new businesses, including studying business feasibilities, negotiating and collaborating with partners to bring ideas to become a real business that can be monetised. These include creating new business models with connection to digital assets and a new type of business. 

“We are looking for new opportunities to help Siam Piwat move beyond the main business model by looking for something new and different to create a universe of unlimited experiences and develop it into reality as a business that can be monetised. This is like piecing together a great jigsaw puzzle to help Siam Piwat achieve its ultimate goals in terms of reputation, revenues and sustainable growth.”

Joseph Teoh, Business Development & Strategist, seeks business opportunities to cater to the group’s major customer base of high-spenders while developing business strategies to strengthen the organisation. With a strong background in managing luxury fashion and global brands, Joseph possesses a deep understanding of consumer insights and trends, enabling him to leverage innovative ideas to achieve exponential growth.

“As the retail world continues to evolve exponentially on both the digital and consumer engagement fronts, our aim is to ensure we build adaptable business models and creative solutions that meet the needs of our global partners and affluent customers.”

Sivaphorn Eamkeo, Partnership Strategist, a Think Tank team member, specialises in developing partnership collaboration strategy. She plays a major role in connecting new ideas and creativity with business partners and retailers to deliver new and unique experiences in areas including health, wellbeing, beauty and technology, in order to create a better life for all. 

“Doing business for the future that will help us cope with a rapid change in the current world is to connect new ideas and make them happen. Therefore, forming a right partnership is the key strategy to fill the gap and share ideas to do what never happened before to achieve business goals more effectively.” 

Armaj Sombunjaroen, Creative Brand Strategist, says an innovative think tank emphasises building brands with new trends. He cultivates new concepts and ideas to respond to changing global trends and amplifies the ideas with organisational strategies to create new businesses that enhance corporate image and support continuous business growth.

“Doing business Siam Piwat’s way,” he says, “is to catch new trends and create new business opportunities. Siam Piwat believes in creating a strong brand value which connects to people’s needs and revenue-generating businesses, which leads to an image of being the number one in customers’ minds.”

Amorn Mongkhonkaewsakun, Creative Content & Design Strategist formulates content and develops brand story by leveraging his experiences in design and architecture to create business strategies, including new store concepts and creative marketing campaigns as well as integrating the concept of sustainability in businesses. His work includes the launch of Ecotopia brand to promote environmental sustainability and ICONCRAFT brand to promote social sustainability, which support SMEs and craftsmen in the provinces, and the promotion of creative economy through foreign business expansion. He also develops content and communication strategies for OneSiam SuperApp to make them more compelling.

“Past experiences as designer and architect help understand consumer behaviour trends in advance,” he says. “Design functions to cater the future needs of consumers creatively to leverage businesses in both the real and online worlds towards sustainability as we go beyond just spending to achieve a lifestyle that cares for the world.”