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Shakha Pola & Loha Bangles

Shakha Pola & Loha Bangles


Symbols are impressive expressions of Human society. Lifestyle is not stagnant. It is transformed with time, house and need to have. Lifestyle is imbibed as a result of direct instruction or through observation, imitation as well as adaptation. Constant socialization can make the specific internalize the views.

Carrying the symbols of marriage supports the tradition and the customs. Customs are manifestations of a portion of people wanting to layout the modern society as for each their necessity and pursuits. They are intended to satisfy the needs of the culture.

Assumed Powering:

Hindu women of all ages predominantly the Bengali women of all ages and also in Bihari culture they wear sure symbols of relationship like Shakha, Pola, Loha and Sindoor. Shakha are white bangles produced of conch-shell and Pola are crimson bangles made of purple corals. There is an iron bangle named Loha.

Shakha and Pola are worn in each the fingers. The bride has to wear Pola among Shakha or iron metallic bangles. It is claimed that iron metallic bangles retain harmony between good and damaging powers. It is worn only in the remaining hand. It could or may possibly not be lined by gold.

Sindoor is vermilion which is used on the parting of the hair. Use of Sindoor by a female indicates that she is currently married. All these are symbols of relationship for Hindu Bengali females. Numerous imagine that wearing these could ward off poor omens and it improves the elegance of bride and also love in between the couples.


Shakha & Pola are a principal ornament of a married girl. Now days this experienced grow to be like cherished jewelry for each individual married women of all ages. This custom is most well-liked in jap part of India as effectively as in north India. In West Bengal in accordance to the Bengali lifestyle the Shakha & Pola has a fantastic importance. Before the genuine Bengali marriage day married women carry out ritual identified as Dodhi Mangal in which they soak bangles designed with shells in turmeric mixed drinking water. Seven married ladies put Shakha Pola into bride’s hands. It symbolizes as 7 forms of Goddess.

It is really a in a natural way built shell just demands to be carved with treatment & patience. The Shakha even though would seem to be agency may perhaps get brittle if handled carelessly. Similarly in a married daily life the bride wants to make sure that she fulfils her obligation with out losing her charm, sensitivity & morals accompanied with auspicious imagining.

Lovely Element:

The custom is yet another golden web page of a married existence. Shakha & Pola are nature’s blessing to the married girl. It is really not only an ornament but it is a proud for a married woman.

Customarily anytime a married lady utilized Vermilion/Sindoor on her forehead as a image of becoming married she also applies a tiny Vermillion on the still left Shakha. This superb custom goes on with out any hindrance.

These traditions deliver us shut to our society and our family members. These modest tiny issues make our lifetime far more stunning and fill our each individual minute with joy and appreciate.