Sami Miro Shopping and Style Tips

Welcome to Style Diaries, a series where we research the physical manifestations of our closet tours IRL. We’re asking friends and tastemakers to show us what they’re *actually* wearing during the week and to provide a little insight into their thoughts on the current state of fashion. This week, we follow Sami Miro through several meetings, shoots, and one collection launch for her label, Sami Miro Vintage. Through her style diary, we see that her label’s eco-conscious ethos is also reflected in her personal sartorial choices.

What role does fashion play in your life? How does it serve you?

“As the Owner and Creative Director of the eco-conscious label, Sami Miro Vintage, fashion plays a huge role in my life. Sustainable fashion and design are the driving force behind my creative mind, both in my personal life and, of course, my career. Reimaging and elevating the norm is an ever-present vortex that perpetually circulates throughout my artistic visions.”

Look 1: Black

What did you do that day?

“I started off the day by presenting all 2022 collections to my production team and CEO. I then went into back-to-back meetings and prepared the website for a new drop launching the following day. Later, I shot for a job with Burberry and then shot for a job with Balmain. I finished the day off by having dinner and drinks with a few friends.”

How/why did you select/combine the pieces in this ensemble?

“I always start off by selecting one piece I want to build the outfit around. For this look, it was the Blumarine sweater. All my looks need vintage, so I paired it with this vintage Moschino mini skirt. To diminish the sexiness and add a touch of grime, I added this wifebeater that I reworked. I’m obsessed with these Manu Atelier boots and thought the brown would be a good addition to contrast all of the black.”

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What does your style look like these days? Do you have a go-to outfit formula or do you prefer to switch it up when getting dressed?

“My go-to outfit formula is never wearing something the way it was intended to be worn. I rework at least one article of clothing before going into the office or heading to a function. My style is also filled with juxtapositions: sexy paired with baggy, dressy with a touch of grime, et cetera.”

Look 2: White

What did you do that day?

“Our new Pink Collection launched on this day so after my morning hot yoga, I started off my work day by posting on @samimiro and @samimirovintage Instagram to release the launch. I headed to the office, and the next 15 hours of my day were dedicated to new design ideation and making the second run of our reworked vintage fisherman sweater and skirt sets that sold out in minutes. The next evening I was leaving for London to attend the Burberry show so it was crunch time to prepare everything for my sample maker meeting the following day.”

How/why did you select/combine the pieces in this ensemble?

“Since this was a day of design ideation and reworking, I wanted to be comfortable, sexy, and creative.”

What excited you about this look?

“In order to add more flare, I thought it would be cute to layer my Sami Miro Vintage Safety Pin Sweatshorts under the sweatpants, so that our signature safety pin detail was exposed in two ways. This particular Sami Miro Vintage Asymmetric One Shoulder Tank is actually the second sample I created, which is why it has been taken in on the straps and side seams.”

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Sustainability is an important aspect of your brand. In what ways do you incorporate eco-consciousness in your daily personal style choices?

“I would rather manipulate and rework what I already have over buying something new. The majority of my garments are vintage and their lifespan continues to extend each time I reimagine it.”

Look 3: Blue

What did you do that day?

“This day was really special as we had our whole team in the office together. We started off the morning with our weekly meeting where my CEO and I shared exciting statistics from our recent launches and announced a couple future projects we have coming up. I then had a marketing meeting, shot a job for Byredo, sketched a few new designs that I thought of the night before and ended my day brainstorming. I have been feeling really inspired and motivated this year and am looking forward to these next few launches to share what I’ve been working on.”

How/why did you select/combine the pieces in this ensemble?

“Since I had to present to the company today, I thought it would be fitting to wear one of the brand’s most popular pieces, the Sami Miro Vintage Porterhouse Jeans made from reworked vintage denim. The rest of this look is business done my way. I reworked a vintage workwear button-up and added a vintage tie to it. When my clothing is all vintage, I like to incorporate my luxury accessories, and I wanted to class it up with this beautiful Kinn Studio diamond ring and Mach & Mach heels.”

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What are your greatest sources of inspiration, both as a creative director and as an individual?

Reimagining a garment in a way that it has never been seen before is my favorite way to design. How can I take a simple tee or hoodie, elevate it, and add unique detail to it? How can I take a blazer and create a shape, layers, and detail that no one has ever done before? This year you will be seeing so much more of this side of my imagination, and I can’t wait to share it.