Rashmika Mandanna is ‘Not a Gym Person’, Pushpa Actress Dolls Out Health and Beauty Tips

Mumbai: From fashion to fitness, actor Rashmika Mandanna should be your go-to person. Rashmika is

Mumbai: From fashion to fitness, actor Rashmika Mandanna should be your go-to person. Rashmika is a Telugu actor who is currently busy enjoying the success of her film Pushpa: The Rise. The film’s song Saami Saami went on to become a national sensation and has even been trending across all social media platforms. Rashmika is also known as the national crush. She never fails to flaunt her sartorial and impeccable fashion style. Not just fashion alone, Rashmika is a fitness inspiration too. She makes it a point of exercising every day and is a connoisseur of eating healthy and nutritious food.Also Read – Pushpa Effect: Rashmika Mandanna’s Pogaru Hindi crosses 200 Million Views on YouTube

Due to the busy work schedule, we tend to forget a lot of important things. Taking a break from busy work life can do wonders. You have to make sure you are making enough time for yourself apart from pursuing your career. By not finding your ‘me time’, you might miss out on other important things life has to offer. Not just this alone, it is of paramount importance to exercise every day. Sitting for too long can lead to numerous health issues. The best way to get rid of body issues and health problems is to exercise and eat healthy food. Rashmika talks about how she is balancing her personal and professional life, and the importance of eating healthy food. Also Read – Rashmika Mandanna Can’t Thank Enough as Pushpa’s ‘Saami Saami’ Becomes Mass Sensation: It’s Overwhelming

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Rashmika says, “It’s very important to exercise regularly as it helps to bring discipline to our life. I ensure to work out regularly. And other than that, it’s very necessary to eat well and clean. I also ensure to take a steam with Vicks VapoRub on the sets whenever I have a winter shoot.”

Do you work out or are you a gym person? What is your mantra to keep yourself fit and healthy?

“I can’t say I am a gym person but yes, I do some sort of workout daily to stay fit. My mantra to stay fit is to concentrate more on diet than just working out. Good food is always needed to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy,” says Rashmika.

Remember, good food and exercises go a long way. These are easy tips that can be achieved without a lot of trouble. By doing this, your mind and body will be at ease and you can focus on other important things life has to offer. By following these tips shared by Rashmika, you can keep illness and bad vibes at bay.

— Interview by Chirag Sehgal