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QR Codes On Food Allergen Warnings: How Do They Work For People With Allergies?

QR Codes On Food Allergen Warnings: How Do They Work For People With Allergies?

In the US, more than 50 million people experience various types of allergies each year. Around 32 million of them have food allergies where 10.8{adb1ce361e4d115852a5ecc77da1fcd21e68b5d23904b1abbfd33825d7fe0fb5} are adults, and 7.6{adb1ce361e4d115852a5ecc77da1fcd21e68b5d23904b1abbfd33825d7fe0fb5} are children.

And that continues to rise annually.

Because allergies can be quite deadly, food manufacturers, restaurants, and food trucks are now more careful in preparing their food.

Creating an allergy warning label is now an important part of their service.

Manufacturers, restaurants, and others involved in making consumable items are using QR codes to easily provide customers with allergen warnings. These nifty squares are life-saving not just in the realm of the pandemic, but also in sharing valuable information for possible allergic reactions.

With the use of an advanced QR code generator with logo online, here are some ways QR codes are used to inform consumers about food allergies.

Ways QR codes are used for food allergy warnings

Portal for tracking food intake

Food manufacturers conduct data gathering surveys to find out how their customers tolerate the amount of food that contains the allergen they take.

They do this by soft launching their product and inviting thousands of customers with allergies to share their experiences.

QR codes are one of the digital tools they use to gather valuable information from customers with allergies.

Zego, a California-based food startup incorporates these 2D barcodes to collect factual information about the modest amount of allergens to take.

They use them to provide food safety for customers and prevent allergy attacks when consuming their products.

Store First Aid Instructions

If the food is accidentally taken and the ambulance takes longer than the expected arrival time, the nearest person can perform first aid help and ease the patient’s condition.

To further inform customers on how to apply first aid, they can scan a video QR code that redirects them to a ready-to-watch YouTube link.

Restaurants can integrate this to better inform customers on what to do in case of an emergency.

For customers to quickly see which QR code redirects to the first aid instructions, they can try to use a QR code generator with logo software to customize its design and add a first aid logo or symbol.

Redirect customers to a Food Allergy App

To avoid an allergy attack when taking food and medicine, some food manufacturers and experts developed an app that people with allergies can use comprehensively.

These apps can use QR codes to redirect customers to the App Store or Google Play Store for direct download.

The Allergy Force app helps customers by providing all the relevant information in checking the possible allergen content of the food before buying.

Keep contact information of the Hospital Emergency Hotline

When customers are having allergic attacks and require medical help, restaurants and other food providers can use a vcard QR code to redirect customers to the contact information of the nearest hospital to save and easily dial for assistance.

During times of emergency, establishments need to display their local emergency helplines where people can easily see it. QR codes allow users to just scan the hotline so the number will appear and they can just dial it right away.

Outside of the US where emergency hotlines are not as efficient as 911, vcard QR codes will prove helpful with government agencies that use long phone numbers.

Direct to a video demonstration of how to use epinephrine 

In case of an allergy attack, epinephrine is the medicine used to revive patients. But as nifty as epinephrine can be, correctly using one can be hard for some people.

Because of that, some medical practitioners are making a video demo on how to use one.

People with allergies can use QR codes to easily lead their constituents to the video tutorial on administering this life-saving medicine during an attack.


Food allergy can be fatal if there’s no one around to help the patient. Because of this, people with allergies and food manufacturers are now using QR codes to modernize their allergy prevention measures.

This way, everyone can look out for each other in avoiding food or medicine that contains these allergens.