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Pure Handloom Banarasi Saree: What All Should You Know Before Buying One?

India genuinely is known as the land of traditions and colors. Thinking of a festive celebration, what are the primary things that land up in your mind? Sweets, colors, and that perfectly pretty outfit you will be wearing. What is better than a beautiful traditional outfit such as a pure handloom banarasi saree to match the perfect aura of the festive occasion! 

From a heavily weaved banarasi saree to a simple light weighted saree, they have been known for their outstanding addition of extra magical touch to a wardrobe for ages. A pure silk banarasi embellished with embroidery on the pallu, zari borders, and graceful patterns with leaves and flowers make it different and unique compared to any other saree. 

How can you identify a pure Banarasi Saree? 

Next time when you find yourself searching for a genuine katan benarasi online, make sure that you give a closer look at the back of the banarasi saree after you adorn all the intricate work on the front side of it. It is known that an authentic banarasi saree can be easily distinguished from any other option by spotting the intricate work done with the help of a threat on its back.

Banarasi sarees that are woven by hand tend to have floats within the weft webs and warp. On the other hand, a saree woven by a machine tends to have a smooth finish. 

How can you take good care of your Banarasi Saree? 

You will most likely find a pure silk saree to be quite expensive. Do you know the reason behind it? Simple, this is because it is not just a piece of clothing, but hard work of days and months that goes into making a single pure handloom banarasi saree. It makes it one of the most reliable pieces of clothing because it is passed true-heartedly from a particular generation to the other. 

Hence, a Banarasi Silk Saree indubitably requires your care and attention in effectively maintaining it. Hereafter, a few important and quick tips will surely help a person take good care of a Banarasi saree. 

  • Never leave a banarasi saree hanging for too long on a hanger. This can end up with permanent wrinkles that a person surely would not prefer. Instead, it would be best if you stored it in a muslin cloth to protect it from moisture and keep it ventilated. 
  • Prefer to keep your saree in a warm and dark corner of your closet after you wrap it in a muslin cloth. It helps the colors not fade anytime soon and stay intact in the long run. 
  • When you are ironing a saree, make sure that the temperature is low. Nothing proves to be better than a steam iron in such a case. 
  • Remember to keep perfume and water away from your katan benarasi online as it might stain in no time. Make sure not to splash water when you are ironing, as it might lead to stains on your beautiful banarasi outfit.


Banarasi saree is not just a piece of clothing but a skill that various artisans from Banaras have passed on as a rich heritage. It is nothing less than an elegant way of keeping everyone’s collection to the roots and traditions followed in a particular culture.