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Pinterest predicts Goth, pearlcore and chequers will dominate 2022 fashion

Social media platform Pinterest is predicting that the fashion and beauty trends for 2022 will include Goth clothing, pearls, dressing loud, embracing chequers and lounge lingerie, as well as bling beauty, landscape nail art, and natural hair.

The annual ‘Pinterest Predicts’ trend report isn’t a retrospective or a round-up of what was trending, rather a predictive look at what will be trending in 2022 across fashion and beauty, as well as home, food, wellbeing, parenting, and travel. It predicts its trends by analysing what its 400 million+ monthly users around the world have been searching for, and has an average 80 percent accuracy, as eight out of 10 of its predictions for 2021 came true.

2022 will be the year that Goth makes its way into the mainstream across all age groups, including Goth baby clothes, with searches increasing by 120 percent year-on-year, as well as business-casual up 90 percent and pyjamas that have seen a rise of 185 percent.

Next year will also see people of all ages embracing iridescent accents in their homes, jewellery boxes and nail art, with pearlcore becoming a major trend. Pearl-adorned gowns have seen searches increase three-fold, while pearl necklaces for men up a staggering seven-fold, and searches for pearl rings have doubled.

Image: Pinterest; Fashion trends for 2022

Dressing loud is the new dressing down, according to Pinterest for 2022, with vibrant outfits and colourful palettes from rainbow dresses to electric blue outfits. ‘Dopamine’ dressing is all about feel-good fits with an electric kick, adds Pinterest, and is driven by all genders and age groups. Searches for rainbow dresses for women have doubled year-on-year, while electric blue outfits up by 140 percent and gradient dresses by 95 percent. There has also been a four-fold interest in fuchsia dresses and a staggering 16 times more searches for vibrant outfits.

Pinterest predicts the 2022 fashion trends

Chequered designs will also have a moment in 2022 in all areas of people’s lives, from tailoring and nails to rugs and tiles. Male millennials and boomers are driving the fashion trend as they turn to the tiled pattern to upgrade their suits, with searches increasing by 95 percent, while general interest in chequerboard patterns is up 160 percent. The trend is also being seen for nails, with searches for chequered nails up 165 percent.

The final fashion trend is ‘Lounger-erie,’ where Pinterest explain that consumers will say goodbye to joggers and turn to silky nightwear, with satin nightwear and classic nightdresses set to rise across all age groups. Searches for the silk nightdress aesthetic are set to increase eight-fold, while transparent nightdresses will be up five-fold, and men’s pyjamas will double. There will also be 96 times more searches for lounge lingerie as nightwear gets its own dress code – even if it is just a party for one.

Louise Richardson, director of marketing at Pinterest, said in a statement: “Pinterest attracts planners, which means people come to the platform for inspiration for the next thing they want to do, try or buy. This gives us a unique view of what the future holds and what the next big trends are likely to be – it’s a bit like having a crystal ball!

“When it comes to 2022, there’s a trend for everyone, whether you’re planning your next adventure, trying a new recipe or exploring a new look. My personal favourite? Dopamine dressing! I’m excited that vibrant outfits and colourful palettes will be trending, with searches for ‘electric blue outfits’ and ‘rainbow dresses’ already on the rise.”

Image: Pinterest; Beauty trends for 2022

Beauty trends for 2022 according to Pinterest

When it comes to beauty, Pinterest predicts that we will be bejewelling everything, with Gen Z’s driving the trend and getting creative and accessorising the whole body, from tooth gems, up 85 percent to crystal eye embellishments up 110 percent.

Nailscapes will be the big trend for nail art with landscape-style designs painted to peoples digits – with geode, desert and constellation-inspired designs all rising trends, especially among millennial searchers. Galaxy nail art searches are up 115 percent, followed by desert nails at 105 percent, while searches for Aurora nails have quadrupled and geode doubled.

In 2022, the pandemic break-up hair will be the hottest trend, with soft layers and timid trims out to make way for hard-to-miss styles such as mullets, up 190 percent, octopus hair and bob cut wigs all being the most-request looks by Gen Z.

Next year people will also celebrate their natural texture with big hair-styling techniques, with Gen Z driving space buns and high puff hairstyles as people search for new beauty inspiration with Pinterest’s hair pattern search feature. High puff hairstyles have increased by 165 percent, while space buns are up 100 percent and short natural hairstyles up 185 percent.