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Perfect Corp. Brings Brands into the Metaverse with Virtual Booth Experience Showcasing AI & AR Beauty and Fashion Tech Innovations

Perfect Corp. ushers in the new era of beauty and fashion with innovative AI & AR technologies that connect physical and virtual worlds through omnichannel shopping experiences within the Metaverse

NEW YORK, January 10, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, presented its latest technology advancements through an immersive beauty & fashion metaverse at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022). The company’s digital solutions are powerful change agents, helping beauty and fashion brands embrace the Metaverse by creating sustainable, impactful, and immersive shopping experiences across all channels. The 3D digital booth allowed CES attendees and absentees alike to explore Perfect Corp.’s latest innovations in an experiential, fully-immersive environment. The Metaverse space brought together Perfect Corp.’s newest solutions in a refreshing and modernized format, cementing its place as the leading AI & AR solutions provider. The booth is still available for exploration on the Perfect Corp. website. Visitors are encouraged to use a smartphone for the best experience.

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Perfect Corp.’s brings brands into the Metaverse with a virtual booth experience at CES 2022. (Photo: Business Wire)

Showcasing AI & AR-Powered Metaverse-Ready Solutions in the Immersive 3D Virtual Booth

The virtual booth showcased Perfect Corp.’s vision on AI and AR-powered beauty and fashion tech solutions which are transforming how brands connect with consumers within the Metaverse. These solutions are creating enriched digital experiences at the intersection of tech, beauty, and sustainability, with AR products that provide an instantaneous virtual try-on experience, increasing buyer’s confidence and satisfaction. Perfect Corp.’s solutions come with social commerce integration – an increasingly crucial tool to engage with younger audiences. Here’s a look at the game-changing solutions poised to revolutionize brands’ omnichannel shopping experiences:

  • AR Metaverse: Perfect Corp. is democratizing access to virtual assets across beauty and fashion by bringing digital products from the Metaverse world to all camera-enabled devices, as well as expanding the scope of their existing solutions to enable fully immersive Vcommerce virtual try-on experiences within the Metaverse.

  • Beauty & Fashion NFTs: Perfect Corp.’s advanced AR technology is allowing beauty brands to digitize their assets and create unique AR-enabled NFTs to bring seamless virtual try-on experiences to any NFT item created with Perfect Corp.’s new technology. The complete solution helps brands create, enlist, and enable AR try-ons based on ownership, as well as integrate transactions manager, allowing brands to bring their NFT merchandise to market quickly and easily.

  • AR Watch, Bracelet and Ring Virtual Try-on powered by AgileHand® Technology: 3D hand-mapping technology for product try-ons on hands and wrists. This AI-powered technology is trained on PBR (Physically Based Rendering) 3D hand models, which map a full range of gestures, facilitating high-performance hand tracking and true-to-life virtual try-ons for watches, rings and bracelets. AgileHand® powers instantaneous in-browser virtual try-on experiences, without the need for physical objects to calibrate the camera.

  • A comprehensive suite of AI and AR-powered Beauty and Fashion Tech Solutions: including YouCam Tutorial, the AR-powered step-by-step makeup application guide; AI Skin Analysis, with detection of up to 14 skin concerns in 2 seconds; and AI Product Recommendation, a full personalized product recommendation engine; and virtual try-on solutions for makeup, hair color, glasses, earrings, accessories, nail art, and more.

Sharing Beauty and Fashion Tech Insights at CES 2022 In-Person Panel Discussions

Perfect Corp. also presented valuable industry insights as part of two speaker panels at CES 2022. Perfect Corp. SVP and General Manager, Wayne Liu, was a panelist for two events: “Retail’s Saviors” and “Personal Health Meets Personal Wellness”, where he shared the unique ways Perfect Corp.’s ever-expanding AI and AR digital technologies are reshaping the omnichannel retail experience for brands and consumers. His insights also spotlight how Perfect Corp.’s AI and AR solutions are helping brands lean into the Metaverse with unique digital experiences for the modern day consumer.

“Innovation is at the heart and soul of the Perfect Corp. brand. We will continue to ideate and develop unique digital tech services and solutions that help brands lean into the digital transformation and reimagine their consumer shopping experience,” said Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder, Alice Chang. “Our immersive 3D digital booth experience at CES 2022 highlighted the exciting new innovations that help brands to effectively engage consumers across the Metaverse.”

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About Perfect Corp.

Perfect Corp. is the leading SaaS artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, dedicated to transforming the consumer shopping experience through innovative digital technologies for businesses and consumers. Recognized as the AI and AR powerhouse, our experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados are pushing the frontiers of technology to offer results-driven, interactive, and sustainable digital-first beauty and fashion tech business solutions for brands and retailers. On the consumer side, with over 950 million downloads globally, the immersive collection of YouCam apps, including YouCam Makeup and YouCam Perfect, provide a platform for individuals to virtually try-on products, looks, and styles conveniently from their smart device. To discover expert beauty tech insights and unlock powerful ROI secrets, read the Complete Guide to Beauty Tech.

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