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My New York Fashion Week Beauty Routine Takes 15 Minutes

My New York Fashion Week Beauty Routine Takes 15 Minutes

When Fashion Month rolls around, I treat it like I’m attending my best friend’s wedding. I thoughtfully plan out my outfit because I want to look my best for the cameras. I’m more diligent with my beauty routine for New York Fashion Week because, well, I can’t be sitting front row with a glaring red pimple on my cheek. (Even though I know no one will notice.) Overall, it feels nice to invest this extra time into taking care of myself because I typically do not. Self-care, as much as this word has been overused IMO, is a habit I’m trying to become better at this year.

My NYFW prep began with an eyelash extension refill at Lash Symphony in Williamsburg, which was only a short walk from my apartment. I went for the service earlier this month because I didn’t want to bother with putting on mascara every day while I was on vacation. The extensions instantly make me look more awake and it appears as if I have on eyeliner. (A plus because then I don’t actually have to wear eyeliner.) NYFW can get hectic, so the less time I have to spend to do my face in the mornings, the better. I’m all about optimization.

My next stop was a quick visit to Skin Laundry, where I indulged in the Signature Laser Facial treatment. The 15-minute process can help to prevent breakouts, reduce redness and sunspots, and stimulate collagen production in your face. The Nd:YAG laser penetrates deep into the skin and though it doesn’t hurt, it was mildly uncomfortable. My face received warm zaps that made it tingle. (You wear light-blocking goggles the entire time, so technically you could take a quick power nap during this time, too.) As with any facial, upkeep is important in order to see lasting results, so this is me making a mental note (in writing) to return for more sessions.

Now that my lashes are prepped and my skin looks relatively clear, I keep the rest of my NYFW makeup routine simple. In the mornings, I moisturize with CeraVe and then slather on sunscreen — my favorite is Neogen right now — since I’ll be out and about all day. If I spy any red spots on my nose or cheek, they’ll get covered with a tinted serum from ILIA. The product is lightweight and gives me a slightly glazed look. For the final touches, I lightly fill in my brows with products from Anastasia Beverly Hills (noted below) and swipe on a tinted lip balm, usually in a pink-red shade.

This entire process takes about 15 minutes, maybe even less if my brows are being good to me that day. I’ve always been a firm believer that less is more when it comes makeup, partly because I’m a “lazy” beauty gal and because I have sensitive skin. When I overload my face with different products — even the ones that claim to be gentle and non-irritating — I start to break out.

When I wind down for the night, I’ll use a gentle K-beauty cleanser like Hanskin to remove any makeup and moisturize my face again before bed. If my skin is looking particularly dry, especially since it’s winter, I’ll slap on a quick sheet mask before bed. Voilà! That’s my entire beauty routine.

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