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Monday Marketing Studio aims to help Mandurah small business owners reach their full potential | Mandurah Mail

TRAILBLAZER: Chloe Mort, 20, aims to help other small businesses reach their full potential. Picture: Supplied.

TRAILBLAZER: Chloe Mort, 20, aims to help other small businesses reach their full potential. Picture: Supplied.

Frustrated by employment instability, Chloe Mort founded her own marketing business, with an aim to help small businesses overcome their marketing woes and reach their full potential.

“The hours weren’t promised, you can be let go in an instant. I needed to specialise in an area where I couldn’t be replaced,” the 20-year-old said.

Last month, ‘Monday Marketing Studio’ launched in Mandurah. With a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle content, Monday aims to streamline social media marketing for businesses.

Marketing requires time, persistence and a bit of know-how, and can often be an afterthought for many companies, which is where Ms Mort comes in.

“Local businesses are constantly putting their socials on the back burner. I always hear ‘I’ll get to it on Monday’,” she said, which inspired her tagline ‘Don’t leave it till Monday’.

“People try the first time, and then go, ‘okay, that didn’t work’. It might take five times before you can start seeing what people react to. A lot of people don’t want to spend that time to plan and create content.”

In order to start-up her own business, Ms Mort says she achieved multiple qualifications in event management, business management, financial services, and a bachelor’s degree in strategic communication and marketing.

Prior to Monday Marketing Studio’s launch, Ms Mort had been working with local businesses in Mandurah – and in a period of six months, her client ‘The Sculpt Gypsy’ saw 15 new clients, allowing the owner to grow the brand further.

The business offers social media management, bespoke strategies, media kits, event management and activations, brand partnerships, graphic design and decals.

Ms Mort often worked several jobs at a time in order to fund her business start-up, from working as a freelance content creator to partnering with local personal trainers for experience.

“My parents have always worked so hard. I have a ‘get it done’ attitude and I really value that,” she said.

Currently, Ms Mort works as a coordinator at a local hair and beauty salon in Erskine and when she’s not working – she likes to go to the gym.

Living in Mandurah has allowed Chloe to observe the vast array of small businesses the community has to offer, understanding how they operate.

Ms Mort said she encouraged young people who were struggling to find a career path to consider careers that promote creativity within a corporate space.

“Studying PR and marketing has allowed me to find a job that is not only going to be around for the foreseeable future, but also expresses my creative side.”

The aim for Monday Marketing Studio going forward is to have enough clients so Ms Mort can work full-time. However she doesn’t plan to quit casual work just yet.

“I’m only 20 years old, there’s still so much room for me to improve, experience the workforce, bounce ideas off colleagues and overall, just have fun with what I do.”