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Mira Rajput Kapoor’s struggle with severe hair fall required THESE products & practises to combat the issue

Mira Rajput Kapoor’s struggle with severe hair fall required THESE products & practises to combat the issue


Shahid Kapoor is one lucky guy! His lady love may not be an actress but is a much-loved star for sure. Her witty comments, stunning fashion sense and inspiring beauty routines made her an influencer that the netizens look up to. During the pandemic, Mira launched her own Youtube channel giving her fans a closer look at her lifestyle and routines. In her recent video, the diva opened up about her severe hair fall and how frustrated she was about it. Noticing receding hairline as well as patches on her scalp, she did a detailed introspection to realise that it was vitamin deficiency and certain practises that leveraged her issue. Helping her fans who are dealing with similar issues to fix it, she revealed the products she uses and practises she changed to win back her silky smooth hair.



Do not tie your hair too tight

Tight ponytails can cause Traction Alopecia. She suggests using cotton, silk or satin hairbands and to avoid tight rubber bands for ponytails and buns. The friction from the material used to tie your hair can cause breakage and hair damage. 


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Don’t brush your wet hair

Take a little more time to towel dry your hair. Wet hair follicles are very delicate and are more prone to fall. Mira says she absolutely avoids combing her wet and takes a good amount of time towel drying it than opting for heat machines.


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Install a water softener

She fitted a water softener on top of her shower head as hard water is bad for everything, especially for hair. This small step can help reduce the intensity of your hair fall. Mira bought a hard water softener from Amazon and you too can purchase one from below.


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Brush and massage your hair often

Initially, Mira was scared of brushing her hair fearing hair loss. She realised massaging the scalp and brushing the hair is the key for good blood circulation on the scalp that strengthens the roots.


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Take in supplements if needed

Taking additional supplements can also help grow your hair faster and stronger. As she found it difficult to keep up with tablets,  Mira switched to Wellbeing Nutrition Melts that she found randomly at an airport and found it too good to be true. 


She starts with Healthy Hair strips from the box in the morning, Multi-Vitamins after lunch and Nano Iron post-dinner. These melts are just for your hair but your whole body.


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She emphasised the benefits of a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and keeping oneself out of stress to combat heavy hair fall.


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