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Lube as primer to Fake dark circles to Sunscreen contouring: Bizarre viral beauty trends of 2021 | Fashion Trends

2021 was a year of many surprises, some great and others as crazy as it can get. But, it is the beauty trends that knocked it out of the park this year. As the world stayed inside to fight the spread of the Covid-19, the internet saw some weird and downright strange skincare hacks and beauty tips become insanely popular among netizens.

From using lubricant gel as a make-up primer to making fake dark circles under the eyes to tanning tattoos, bizarre trends took over the internet in 2021. So, as we get ready to welcome 2022, here’s a look at the most bizarre beauty trends that went crazy viral online. Fair warning: Some of these will leave you scratching your head.

Lube As A Primer

Make-up hacks often involve using unexpected products, but a lubricant has to be one of the most unusual picks we have ever heard. As weird as it sounds, this trend became immensely popular in several beauty influencers’ make-up regimens in 2021. In this trend, the lube is applied to the skin as a primer base. Once it dries off, the foundation and the rest of the beauty look follows.

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Sunscreen Contouring

Netizens following the sunscreen contour trend.

Wearing sunscreen is one of the essential parts of a skincare routine. However, a viral trend turned this crucial product into a dangerous one. The sunscreen contouring trend started with a TikTok user applying sunscreen on some areas of her face and then using the powerful sun rays to have natural contouring. But it is quite clear the amount of irreversible damage this could cause to the skin.

Fake Dark Circles Or Tired Eyes Trend

This bizarre beauty trend became popular a few months ago, and in it, people used make-up to create dark under-eye circles to look ‘cool’. Sara Carstens, a model and creator on social media, had kickstarted the trend to normalize dark circles. However, it did not go well with many netizens who called it insensitive. Despite the criticism, it was all over the internet. The hack involves drawing smudged lines under the eyes to resemble a dark circle.

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Tan Tattoo

A woman sitting in the sun. (Unsplash (For Representation))

This trend involves drawing on your body with a sunscreen and letting the sun naturally give you a tattoo. A tan tattoo also puts the skin at risk of severe damage, and this trend is quite similar to the sunscreen contouring trend. Additionally, no amount of cute tattoos are worth the sunburns or the UV ray damage caused by sun exposure. So, remember to lather all the uncovered parts of your body with sunscreen. 


Slugging involves sealing the skin with a petrolatum-based product. (Unsplash (for Representation))

This beauty hack is not so bizarre, but its widespread use by anyone and everyone online made us add it to the list. Slugging refers to the process of sealing the skin with a petrolatum-based product or another occlusive agent overnight. This beauty hack works a charm for people with severely dehydrated skin by trapping in moisture. However, it is a big no-no for very oily or acne-prone skin because it can cause more irritation and breakouts.

Would you ever try these beauty trends?

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