LinkedIn Profile Tips for Grabbing the Best Digital Marketing Jobs in 2022


If you have not yet discovered, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools to establish professional connections with recruiters. LinkedIn is the growing digital platform that brings recruits and new talent on one page.

After the coronavirus outbreak, an evident change in employment decisions was witnessed. With the Great Resignation, it is obvious that employees are no longer bowing down to strict in-office requirements, non-flexible work routines, or low pay scales. 

If you are in the same boat of making new professional decisions in your life then there is no better tool to approach than LinkedIn. Especially if you are from digital marketing, making a strong LinkedIn profile is the ultimate way to grab recruiters’ attention. If used properly, LinkedIn will be your only source of grabbing growing opportunities in digital marketing.  But before this, you have to make sure you have invested in the right essentials to run LinkedIn smoothly. The first requirement is having a stable and high-speed internet connection available at all times. Having a high-speed internet connection should not be a risky move considering several well-recognized ISPs are providing the best deal for households all across the United States. Take Smithville Internet connection for example. Smithville Internet provides Fiber advantage with high-speed internet best for gaming, streaming, email, and working online. So, running LinkedIn without any interruption requires a high-speed internet connection like that of Smithville Internet. 

Following are some of the ways to gain digital marketing recruits attention through LinkedIn. 


 Pick a Professional Photo

At the end of the day, LinkedIn is a social media platform, and what more you can do to grab attention on social media than place a good profile photo. Except, for LinkedIn you need to make sure that your profile picture is not a blurred selfie from your night out at the club. Instead, a professional picture requires a plain background with little distractions. Having friends, pets or any of your family members in the background is not going to make your professional photo look any way close to professional. 

Your background can either be plain or from a digital marketing event. This will showcase your interest in the field and how eager you are to learn and grow in digital marketing. 


Create a Catching Summary

Many recruits will not have the time to go through your profile word by word. For them, it is important to create a summary of your profile that is easily readable and understandable. Your summary should be the reasons why you are fit for the role your potential company is offering. Your summary can also include a list of relevant skills to make you look the best fit for the job. Skills can either be your leadership qualities or similar soft skills but we recommend you to engage recruits with hard skills such as how many tools you use or what software you prefer using for the role. 


Optimize Headline

Your headline is the first thing that catches the attention of your audience. Your potential clients grab the just of your personality through your headline and understand whether you are for the job. 

For example, you should use “professional digital marketing with a solid background in building social media campaigns” as your headline. 


Engage With Other Users

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile like any other social media profile involves having conversations with other users. Except, for LinkedIn you have to make sure you engage with users of the same field to increase your opportunities. 

You may not be ready to engage with other profiles but you can always comment on relevant events or news to optimize your profile. 


Wrapping Up

With numerous candidates looking for a good role in digital marketing, your optimized LinkedIn profile can bring you closer to catching recruiters’ eyes.