Kindred Black’s Eco-Friendly, Luxurious Answer To Beauty

Courtesy of Brand While we love curating shopping edits of the best beauty products and

Courtesy of Brand

While we love curating shopping edits of the best beauty products and hottest fashion trends, we would be irresponsible if we didn’t acknowledge the unhealthy cycle of consumerism and its effect on the environment. In a world of fast fashion and recycled ideas, being aware of waste and finding ways to create less waste is important now more than ever. However, when it comes to beauty and personal care products, replenishing and buying more is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement or sustainability.

Considering the beauty industry’s environmental footprint inspired Alice Wells and Jennifer Francis, co-founders of Kindred Black, to thoughtfully dream up what sustainability looks like for beauty companies. “We created the Slow Beauty line because we had trouble finding products and cosmetics that are low-waste or plastic-free,” Wells told ESSENCE. “Beauty is such a huge contributor to global pollution. We all want to look good, but the toll that discarded packaging is taking on the planet is just getting so extreme.”

Their solution? A line of simple and effective oils and toners for face, body, and hair that are packaged in precious, fully plastic-free, hand blown bottles and vials sealed with waxed corks.

“We both remembered tinkering around the beautiful glass bottles on our grandmother’s vanities as children, so we thought if we developed a line of heritage perfume bottles, people would be more likely to hold onto them and re-use them,” said Wells.

And they were right on the money with thinking that putting more thought into the appeal and construction of the packaging would encourage sustainable habits. Upon trying the products out for the first time, you will probably admire the beauty of each bottle and plot on what it could hold next once it’s empty before exploring the magic inside. “It took us about a year to develop the first bottles and core products and it’s an ongoing process,” Wells shared. “There’s now a core line of versatile skincare and cosmetics and then we have a rotating cast of limited edition oils and scents throughout the year.”

Being able to use the products in more ways than one also speaks to the Slow Beauty line’s sustainability, sort of like 2-in-1 shampoos, but way better and more effective. Their Organic Sonoran Jojoba Oil is pure, organic jojoba oil from a family run farm in the Sonoran Desert and described as a miracle ingredient for face, body and hair. And their Damiana Aphrodisiac Lip and Skin Balm can be used as a hydrating lip treatment or a balm to make your skin glow. 

“We call the line Slow Beauty as the antithesis of fast everything else – fast fashion, fast meals on the go, and choking down coffee while you rush to work. In order to move forward we’re going to have to take steps back from a throw-everything-away culture,” Wells explained.

“There was a time when artisan craftsmanship and using things for years at a time was expected and valued. We’d like for our line to represent a reckoning for the beauty industry – plastic-free and low-waste is possible. Once our bottles become refillable later this year, we can finally say that it will truly be one of the most eco-focused beauty brands on the market.”

Believe us when we say Kindred Black’s Slow Beauty products are something you will want to take your time with. From the luxurious bottles, to the equally luxurious application, to the aromatic elements that heighten the experience, self care with Kindred Black is an experience you will want to fully indulge in. And when life speeds up, the delicate packaging will remind you to slow down and embrace the relaxation of self care. 

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