JoJo Siwa Posts TikTok Video Showing How She Styles Her Short Hair

JoJo Siwa is still getting used to having short hair, but she’s doing a pretty

JoJo Siwa is still getting used to having short hair, but she’s doing a pretty great job styling it so far.

Earlier this month, the actor, singer and dancer ditched her signature ponytail for an edgy pixie haircut. Now, she’s sharing how she’s adjusting to the shorter look.

In a new TikTok video, the 18-year-old walks her fans through the step-by-step process she follows while styling her cropped cut.

“Still learning how I like to do my new hair everyday hahahaha but here is todays magic,” she captioned the post.

The short video, set to the song “Up Beat (Married Life)” by Kenyi, starts with Siwa rubbing some hair oil in her short strands then spritzing in a bit of sea salt spray. 

The social media star then diffuses her hair with a yellow glove tool she attaches to her hair dryer to rough up her hair.

“Gonna diffuse it, and then I’m gonna give up on diffusing it and I’m just gonna blow dry it because we’re gonna curl it anyway,” she says.

Siwa had a lot of fun with her video.itsjojosiwa/ TikTok

After putting a bit of makeup on, Siwa then breaks out one of her favorite hot tools.

“I use a really tiny, little curling iron to give it super cute little like tight curls. Everyone thought I got a perm, but no, I just curl it,” she explains.  

The singer and actor showed off her curling skills.
The singer and actor showed off her curling skills.itsjojosiwa/ TikTok

After spritzing in some texture spray and volumizing her do, and making sure to give attention to the sides of her hair, Siwa sets it.

Voilà! Looking gorgeous, JoJo.
Voilà! Looking gorgeous, JoJo.itsjojosiwa/ TikTok

“And boom! We have successfully turned into Jake Paul, Justin Bieber, maybe even Ellen (DeGeneres),” she says and shows off the gorgeous final product.

She looked pretty satisfied with the end result!
She looked pretty satisfied with the end result!itsjojosiwa/ TikTok

Siwa shocked her fans earlier this month when she unveiled her shorter hair. After all, the energetic actor has been known for her bouncy ponytail and large, colorful bows for years.

Siwa recently made headlines when she revealed that she hadn’t been invited to the Kids’ Choice Awards.

Earlier this week, she also had fans speculating about whether or not she is back together with ex-girlfriend Kylie Prew. In a recent interview with “Extra,” Siwa announced that she was “in love” with someone “awesome,” but she didn’t mention a name.

“I’m very happy. I’m very much so in love. I … am really lucky that I’m loved unconditionally, too, by this human and she is awesome,” she said.