I Have Red Hair And Here’s How I Maintain It

Yep, you “red” that right. Geddit? I have blazing red hair. It’s as red as

Yep, you “red” that right. Geddit? I have blazing red hair. It’s as red as the newest lipstick you just bought for Diwali. The longest relationship I’ve had is the one I share with my red hair– 5 years and counting! What a tumultuous journey it’s been. After everybody tells me how much they love my hair, they always have the universally pertinent question– “How on earth do you manage to go all out and STILL have silky locks?”

It’s no secret that incessant hair colour automatically translates to weak hair that’s hella damaged. If I’m being honest with you, I’ve faced a barrage of hair issues ever since I jumped on the colour bandwagon, but I wouldn’t trade it for absolutely anything. No matter what colour you’ve dyed your hair, upkeep and maintenance are of prime importance! If I hadn’t taken care of my locks, I would’ve definitely had a head with no hair by now. Jokes apart, I’ve learnt so much about showering some extra love onto my colour-treated hair and here’s all that I’ve learnt:

Dry Shampoos Seriously Rock

One well-kept secret of keeping your red mane intact is embracing dry shampoos! All my red-haired beauties know how heart-wrenching it is to see the colour washout each time you shower. The solution: limit your hair showers and opt for a dry shampoo instead! Not only will it help you preserve your vivid colour but give your locks a good cleansing too. The dry shampoo from Batiste works miraculously on my red hair. Not just that, it’s also great for adding some much-needed volume to thin hair.

Stay Away From Heat

Yeah yeah, I was never able to keep my hands off my heating tools too! I mean how else am I going to rock those perfect curls? However, excessive usage of heating tools can cause the red pigments to fade away quicker than usual. Experimenting with some fun and heatless hairstyles is a great way to avoid using tools. Tiktok hair trends, I’m looking at you! But, if you’re like me and just can’t resist a sleek hairdo or even some romantic waves, then stock up on heat protectants! The protectant from BBlunt comes enriched with grapeseed oil that works to protect against heat damage and leaves your hair looking frizz-free too.

Opt For Protecting Shampoos & Conditioners

Years of constant colouring has inevitably damaged my hair, but it would’ve been a lot worse had I not used the right shampoo and conditioner. Steer clear of hair products that contain sulphates and your hair will thank you for it a few years down the road. Sulphates tend to strip the colour from your hair and also increase frizz. None of that for me, thanks! The Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo along with the No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner work actively to repair the broken-down protein in your hair & make it stronger, healthier and brighter in the process!

Try Refreshing The Red Yourself

Sounds a little too tedious, right?  I discovered this was one of the best ways to keep the bold red from disappearing. After all, it doesn’t take long for this particular shade of colour to just vanish! The key is mixing a tiny amount of colour with your pre-existing conditioner, not only will this nourish your hair but also give it a burst of colour in the process. Birds Of Paradyes’ Rubra Red works like a miracle and even softens damaged hair.

Don’t Forget To Mask

Nah, we’re not talking about donning your favourite masks that match your outfit. Your vibrant mane needs an ultra-nourishing hair mask sesh once a month, at least! Protecting, revitalising, repairing and healing–just a few hats a hair mask wears. The Kerastase Masque Chromatique has been my soulmate throughout my colour journey. It’s helped me keep the red alive and kicking all whilst making my hair the smoothest it’s ever been!

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