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How to Do Heart to Heart Braids in 2022

How to Do Heart to Heart Braids in 2022

Confession: I’m *way* too obsessed with braided hair designs, which is the reason why “Heart 2 Heart Braids”—the absolutely epic style making its debut on today’s episode of The Braid Up—has me gagged. These braids are a whole freaking mood—especially for Valentine’s Day (which, ICYMI, is only three short days away). Self-taught hairstylist Tanzania Skye created this lovey-dovey braided look for today’s episode, and it’s honestly a head-turning masterpiece. The side hearts…the curly ends…it’s all soooo good.

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Is this style giving you heart eyes? Thought so. Ahead, four tips to DIY the look at home.

1. Detangle first. I know, I know…detangling isn’t exactly fun, but it’s an essential step before braiding. Lucky for you, there are plenty of products out there—like detangling sprays and detangling combs and brushes—that make getting rid of knots and tangles NBD.

2. Metal rattail combs = a must. Unlike their plastic cousins, the metal tails on these combs will help you create the most precise parts in your hair during the whole heart-shaping process.

3. Wrap your hair at night. Bonnets are obvi a must, but underneath that, wrap your hair with a silk headscarf. Doubling up before bed will keep your braids secure and protected to extend this style’s lifespan.

4. Use mousse as a refresher. If your braids are starting to look a bit dull after a few weeks, a couple dollops of mousse will help add some sheen back to your hair and give the style a little extra hold too.

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Hair: In collaboration with Stasha Harris of Magic Fingers Studio
Makeup: Ashley Johnson
Videographer: Rob Mroczko
Production assistant: Jay Aguirre
Director of digital series: Tara O’Connell

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