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Hero Cosmetics’ Mighty Patch Is Now a Pimple Patch for Your Nose

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Yet Hero didn’t stop there. Fans of the brand have asked for a patch that covers and fits their noses since 2019, and now, their wishes are coming true. Enter the Mighty Patch Nose (Buy It, $18,, designed specifically to cover your whole nose from side to side. I’ve been testing it out for months after the brand sent samples to me to try, and I’ve been shocked by how well they work. Even better, Shape readers have the exclusive first chance to shop it now, before the Mighty Patch Nose officially launches tomorrow. 

Hydrocolloid patches can be hard to pick up at times, but I didn’t struggle at all with the Mighty Patch Nose. They are very sticky, however, so I’ve learned to start by slowly and steadily placing it at the bridge of my nose before tamping it down onto the sides. The way it fits is incredible and almost invisible: Even when I was on a video call with my family, my brother didn’t realize I had the Mighty Patch Nose on until I pulled my phone close to my face. 

Like other hydrocolloid patches, you have to leave the Mighty Patch Nose on for six to eight hours in order for the sticker to slowly suck up all the pus and fluids from your pores, so I typically apply it before I sleep so I can wake up to the exciting moment of peeling it off. And that part is so satisfying: The patch turns snowy white after it has soaked up all the build-up, and it draws out so much fluid from my pores that I can see gunk on the surface of my nose, which I would then carefully and gently press on either side with clean cotton tips to remove. 

After clearing out any leftover gunk, my nose always ends up looking so clean and feeling so soft, I’ve actually been asked if it was the result of a pore-clearing facial. No more gaping holes of gunk taunting me to squeeze them, only baby-soft skin on my nose and clear pores. Most people like a good disgusting before-and-after shot of pimple patches, and trust me, the gunk that these patches absorb is truly gross to look at — but oh so satisfying if you’re the person using them. 

I actually prefer the Mighty Patch Nose to traditional pore strips that dry out and need to be peeled off in 15 minutes, and the two kinds are different in that hydrocolloid patches gently draw out and suck up the fluids from your pores, while pore strips rips out gunk and dirt from your pores with an adhesive. It’s so good that I fully expect the Mighty Patch Nose to become Hero’s next, well, hero product; it’s certainly one of my holy grails for clearing out the pores on my nose and combating breakouts. 

Shop the new Mighty Patch Nose pimple patch now for $18, before others start lining up to grab theirs tomorrow.