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Here’s All You Need To Know About Skull And Bones

Here’s All You Need To Know About Skull And Bones

Numerous games throughout history could be considered vaporware, including Dead Island 2, Pikmin 4, and Black Mesa, among others. These titles, along with many more, are believed to have entered development hell and may never be released.

Adding to the list is Skull and Bones, a naval combat pirate title that reportedly began development in 2013. It was revealed at E3 2017 but faced multiple delays over the years. Rumors suggest several reboots and a budget exceeding $120 million, yet despite its alleged “too big to fail” status, Skull and Bones finally launched on February 16th for PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, barring any last-minute delays.

Before embarking on this maiden voyage of what has been described as a nightmarish project, here’s what you should know about Skull and Bones.

1. Pirate Dens

In your travels across the diverse regions of Skull and Bones, you’ll encounter numerous locations such as forts and settlements. 

However, it’s the Pirate Dens that will emerge as central hubs for players. These dens serve as bustling social hubs, facilitating the undertaking of contracts and providing access to various vendors, ranging from Shipwrights to Blacksmiths. Ensuring you possess an ample supply of Skull and Bones Silver is advisable when encountering them.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the local kingpin, whose trust you must earn to advance your pirate journey.

2. Infamy Is The Key To Progression

Progression in the game revolves around Infamy, serving as the central mechanism. 

Skull and Bones Infamy

Advancing in Infamy unlocks various ships, blueprints, weapons, and other assets. Moreover, it provides access to enhanced tools, streamlining material gathering tasks and presenting opportunities for bonus rewards.

3. Contracts & World Events

At the beginning, you’ll have limited resources, making it crucial to undertake contracts to increase your Infamy.

Contracts function similarly to quests, covering activities such as treasure hunting, transportation, and even raiding merchant ships. However, completing contracts solo may take longer. You can undertake multiple contracts simultaneously, with higher-tier contracts offering greater rewards such us valuable Skull & Bones Items.

Skull and Bones Contracts & World Events

Additionally, there are world event quests that appear in the game world, allowing several players to participate. These quests involve tackling challenges like intercepting and looting a convoy before it reaches its destination.

4. Realistic Sailing Mechanics

While you can explore Pirate Dens and other hubs on foot, Skull and Bones primarily focuses on ship-based exploration. 

However, the game strives for realism in its sailing mechanics. Factors like buoyancy and drag influence the physics of each ship, resulting in distinct handling characteristics. 

Additionally, wind direction and cargo weight further affect their maneuverability.

5. Diverse Ship Options

Players won’t be confined to a single ship type in Skull and Bones. Instead, a variety of ship options are available, with blueprints accessible as your Infamy increases. 

However, you will need to buy Skull and Bones Items to craft these blueprints. Each ship boasts unique loadouts, including varying numbers of gunports on the bow, broadside, and stern, as well as furniture slots. 

Additionally, considerations such as cargo capacity and stamina play a crucial role in ship selection.

6. Unique Ship Perks

Every ship in Skull and Bones features a dedicated ship perk.

For instance, the Brigantine comes equipped with Bullhorn, which boosts damage from ramming and inflicts a flooded status for sustained damage and a slowing effect. On the other hand, the Padewakang specializes in explosive damage and inflicts increased damage to structures.

Skull and Bones Padewakang

Understanding the optimal ship for each task is crucial, and it can impact exploration, as smaller ships have the ability to navigate inland through rivers.

7. Navigating The Perils Of Weather

As in reality, the ocean in Skull and Bones can swiftly transition from calm to perilous.

Various weather conditions, such as rain or supercell storms, impact your ship. Supercell storms, in particular, pose risks including ship damage, reduced visibility, and deck flooding.

It’s crucial to outfit your vessel to endure these challenges and ensure you have ample resources to defend against potential ambushes. If you wish to bypass the laborious grinding procedure, consider exploring IGGM Skull and Bones Boosting. Expert boosters will be available to customize the boat of your choice.

8. Weapon Families & Strategies

In Skull and Bones, there exists a diverse array of weapon categories, each capable of inflicting distinct forms of damage such as crushing, tearing, explosive force, and more.

Various mortar variants offer options for delivering explosive damage over considerable distances with their projectiles taking time to travel, or alternatively, they can provide support by repairing allied vessels. The formidable Giant Ballistas excel in long-range assaults but require charging intervals, whereas the swifter Demi-Cannons are better suited for close-quarter combat due to their rapid firing rate.

Skull and Bones Demi-Cannons

Optimizing your loadout according to your preferred style of play is advisable, yet understanding your adversary’s arsenal and devising effective strategies to counter it is equally crucial.

9. Use Fury To Launch Crew-to-Crew Attacks

Certainly, merely bombarding, battering, and intimidating enemy vessels isn’t sufficient. 

Your crew has the capability to accumulate Fury, enabling them to execute crew-to-crew assaults, which represent the most effective method of seizing all the cargo aboard an enemy ship.

Regrettably, this feature will be presented solely as a cutscene upon initial release. However, it’s intended to signify an advanced level of combat mastery, sparking curiosity about its evolution as the game unfolds.

10. Ship Customization

Customization transcends mere aesthetics.

Attachments encompass diverse armor types tailored to counter various damage categories. Major Furniture provide significant enhancements and capabilities, albeit limited to one equipped at a time. 

Conversely, minor furnishings offer incremental buffs, facilitating crew maneuvers or supplying utilities such as expanded cargo capacity.

Skull and Bones Ship Customization
  1. PvE & PvP-Only Servers

From the outset, players will have access to both PvE and PvP-exclusive servers.

In PvE servers, groups of up to three players can engage AI adversaries, which scale in difficulty according to the group size. As the challenge increases, so does the loot dropped by defeated enemies. 

On the other hand, PvP servers enable players to collaborate with others or engage in combat against fellow players.

12. Extensive Post-Launch Support For Skull & Bones

Skull and Bones is poised to receive substantial ongoing support long after its launch. This will encompass the introduction of new world events, group-oriented activities, additional ships, furnishings, weaponry, and more.

Discussions have also touched upon the implementation of raids and dynamic events, such as hijacking merchant vessels. Players can anticipate an overarching seasonal framework to further enrich their gaming experience.

13. Pricing

As one might anticipate in the current gaming landscape, Skull and Bones is priced at $70 for Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Microtransactions and battle passes are available separately.

However, if you opt for the PC version, whether through Connect or the Epic Games Store, it’s priced at $60. The reason behind this pricing discrepancy remains unclear, but for those seeking a $10 discount and possessing a capable PC, it’s a noteworthy option to consider.

14. Seamless Crossplay

No matter which platform you prefer, Skull and Bones offers crossplay functionality across all platforms.

You have the option to invite players via Upplay or directly in-game to join you on adventures. Although the game can be enjoyed solo, crossplay guarantees a broader player base, enhancing the experience of exploring the game world.

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