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Hair horns are the latest hair-raising beauty trend

The latest beauty trend to hit TikTok is pretty hair-raising.

Hair horns — yes, creating horns out of hair — are popping up all over social media and the style is interesting, to say the least. As reported by The Guardian, the hashtag #hairhorns has more than 64 million views on TikTok and the style, which is characterized by one “horn” (aka a hair spike) on each side of the head, is getting plenty of attention.

TMRW tapped a few top stylists to determine what’s fueling the popularity of this unique style and find out what you need to know about the cut.

The trend takes inspiration from other decades

While chatting with several hairstylists, it quickly became apparent that this devilish new trend has roots in punk and emo.

“I’ve seen this throughout the years, from the ’70s punk rock scene to the ’90s and millennial rave and emo era, and bringing it all the way back with our Gen Z, e-girl, anime, goth-like twist,” said Bianca Hillier, colorist at Andy Lecompte Salon in Los Angeles. “It’s a big ‘F you’ to a typical or traditional look that can still be playful and have a more serious side.”

The late Prodigy singer Keith Flint often sported hair horns in the ’90s.
Mick Hutson / Redferns

Trends come and go, so TMRW was interested to know: What inspired the sudden onset of horns?

“I’ve been seeing these hair horns pop up more and more globally. It’s funny and funky, it has a grunge, punk feel with a new era, anime twist. It’s unconventional and perfect for a post-quarantine spice up,” Hillier said, adding that some folks call the look “cat ears.”

Some hair daredevils (like Tiktok user @evamang0) are dyeing their horns different colors, while others (like @palomaveintez) are exploring other fun ways to style the spiky look. Some TikTok users (like @nicoleeevee) have taken matters into their own hands and cut their own horns at home.

Are stylists a fan of hair horns? The jury is out

Hair horns are a polarizing trend, and they’re not for everyone. Celebrity hair stylist Cory Aaron Scott, for instance, isn’t a big fan.

“I have seen hair horns before, back in middle school, and I wasn’t a fan then. It’s simply not flattering or cool,” Scott said. “Hair horns are a giant ‘Nay!’ in my opinion. There are so many different ways to create a more modern, cooler version of this look without cutting your hair into horns.”

Holly Dear of House of Dear Hair Salon, on the other hand, is into the fun and funky style. “Hair horns are definitely a yay! I first heard of this trend after Instagram created a filter that allowed the hair to go up in a horn like manner,” she said.

Hillier is also all about the versatile style. “A night out might mean the horns come out to play, meanwhile for a fancy hot date you might lay them down for a softer feel. Gen Z is new to the game and coming up with their own spin on an old school look,” she said.

What to consider before you make the cut

Hair horns certainly aren’t for everyone, but if you’re inspired to try the funky style, there are a few things you should consider before making the cut.

  • Please, enlist the help of a stylist: “This look definitely requires a proper stylist to shape and cut the hair to fall in the proper placement. The hair must be shaped to allow it to be styled with specific molding products,” Hillier said.
  • Remember to have fun: “If you’re feeling it, commit to it and rock it with confidence. It’s hair. it will grow back,” Scott said.
  • Consider your hair texture: “Hair horns can be done on most hair types that have straight to semi-curly hair. Your go-to products would be gels, thick pomades and old-school barbering creams,” Scott explained.
  • Make sure to bring some attitude: It’s really perfect for “someone who is more on the edgier and punk side,” according to Dear.
  • Make the look your own: “Do a bold red panel — or anything unique to make it your own — in the front. You can embrace your curly texture and rock two cool Afros. Whatever the look, wear it with confidence,” Scott said.