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Hair Color Trends 2022 Will Usher In

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Most people fall into one of two categories: those who relish the opportunity to draft a set of goals before the start of every year, and those who feel that January 1 is like any other day, just with more people nursing hangovers.

Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle, and you like the idea of a personal refresh but could pass on New Year’s resolutions. If so, switching up your hair color is one way to signal a new mindset without committing to some massive lifestyle change. (Related: Winter Hair Colors That Are About to Take Over Your Feeds)

Predictions for the top hair color trends of 2022 are in, so feel free to start your research now if a hair transformation is in your future. If you want to make sure to choose an of-the-moment color, these are the upcoming trends that belong on your radar, according to hair colorists. (Related: The Best Tips and Products for Nailing Salon-Worthy Color at Home)

One of the top 2022 hair colors will be platinum blonde, a blonde that’s extremely cool, says Tracey Cunningham, a celebrity colorist who’s partnered with Olaplex. (“Cool” as in the opposite of warm, although the informal meaning of the word certainly applies here, too.) “Double process platinum blonde like Ciara’s is the most dramatic and requires the most maintenance to keep the color cool and healthy-looking,” she notes. “Megan Fox just went platinum, and it’s so light it’s almost silver.”

You should have a serious chat with your colorist before going with the bold platinum blonde shade since it requires continuous salon visits due to regrowth, says Cunningham. If you decide to go for it, it’s vital to start washing your hair with a shampoo that fights brassiness (i.e. orange-hued tint), such as Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo (Buy It $28,, she says.

Blonde + brunette = “bronde,” a blend that you’ve probably gotten familiar with this year. “Continuing in popularity will be the transition to bronde — a toned-down version of blonde that can be achieved through lowlights that brings color a shade or two deeper,” says Cunningham. “Multi-dimensional colors and ombré will be highly requested due to their natural look, and they can be tailored with warm blonde to red tones depending on the client’s hair color and skin tone.”

“To achieve this look, I would recommend asking your stylist for a balayage in which your hair is darker at the roots and lighter at the ends,” says hair colorist Jennifer Korab. (Balayage is a technique of hand-painting color for a very natural result.) “You can also achieve this look with a color melt, and adding lowlights. This trend is the perfect choice for many clients who are looking for a low maintenance color.”

“For 2022, we are seeing more shades such as ginger, auburn, and deep reds with copper tones,” says Korab, who suggests consulting with your colorist to find out which options they think would complement your skin tone.

If you don’t want to opt for a full head of red hair, another option gaining popularity is “chocolate cherry,” a rich brown with “warm highlights in a variety of reds and coppers,” according to Cunningham. (Here’s a visual.) “Reds tend to fade the fastest, so you should discuss your maintenance routine and the appropriate products to use to keep it looking fresh [with your colorist],” and plan to use a sulfate-free and color-safe shampoo and conditioner, she says.

“Contrasting colors are all over the red carpet, and I’m seeing them on celebrities who want to make a statement and stand out,” says Phan. (Exhibit A: Kehlani nailed the hair color trend at this year’s Met gala.) This trend isn’t for those looking for subtle highlights, but rather dramatic pops of color, often added to wide chunks of hair.

No matter what color combo you go with for this hair color trend, you should plan to use a weekly mask to maintain the color, says Phan, noting that any pieces of your hair that you lighten will be most at risk for damage. His rec is the K18 Molecular Repair Mask (Buy It, $80,

Hoping for a more subtle change? Warm, “effortless” highlights are shaping up to be one of the new hair color trends of 2022, says Korab. “Many people will opt for a multi-dimensional look with subtle highlights of warm and rich golden or wheat blonde,” she says. Warm tones tend to reflect light and come across shiny, while icy or cool-toned blonde can skew dull or dry, she says.

“Highlights will have many variations from warm honey-colored and caramel (à la Beyonce) to pumpkin spice,” says Cunningham. “If you’re looking to achieve these tones you should convey to your colorist that you are looking for multi-colored warmth in your hair and your colorist should share which of these tones work best with either your natural or already previously colored shade. This technique is generally low maintenance and depending on the number of highlights, length of hair, and how fast your hair grows, the upkeep can be anywhere from every 3 to 6 months.”