Glo Skin Beauty’s HydraBright Pro Exfoliant Review

As a person of color, I am more prone to hyperpigmentation and, boy, don’t I know it. It is probably the skin issue I struggle with the most and the one that leads me to experimenting with so many skincare products. I’ve tried countless formulas that target dark spots with varying degrees of success.

I have sensitive skin, and therefore I avoid harsh products unless they are recommended or approved by my dermatologist or aesthetician, as is the case with Glo Skin Beauty’s HydraBright Exfoliant. Thank god I took the leap of faith, because one use did more to improve my hyperpigmentation and texture than the culmination of my entire, consistent skincare routine. 

This product contains five different alpha hydroxy acids and poly hydroxy acid at 10 percent concentration, so it is more intense than many chemical exfoliants. I used HydraBright with caution, prepared to deal with the aftermath of irritation and a possible breakout. Instead, I awoke the next morning with glowing skin. My hyperpigmentation, especially on the lower part of my face, improved drastically overnight. By comparison, the only cosmetic product I’m wearing in my before photo on the right below is Drunk Elephant’s skincare-makeup hybrid, O-Bloos Rosi Glow Drops, on my upper cheeks for that sunburnt and glowing look. 

Before and after using Glo Skin HydraBright.

The texture of my skin has also improved, even though I experienced a couple of purging acne bumps. These, however, haven’t created the usual dark and immediately noticeable spots that usually appear on my skin after a breakout. 

As I mentioned before, the active acids in HydraBright are more potent than your typical liquid exfoliant. The PHA in is at 10 percent, while other similar products have the ingredient at concentrations of 3 to 7 percent

I wanted to get a doctor’s stamp of approval on the HydraBright Exfoliant, since it is stronger than other comparable products. Renowned cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman told me, “HydraBright Pro is an excellent one-step solution for evening out skin tone and texture, boosting glow, and improving the efficacy of your other topical products.” She explained that acids gently exfoliate skin, removing dead skin cell buildup and lightening dark spots and scars. The formula also includes niacinamide which she says “soothes the skin, making this a non-irritating option for any skin type.” 

Dr. Engelman advises that you should swipe the solution on after cleansing your skin two to three times a week. You can follow with your serums and moisturizers, although she cautions to “avoid using this on nights when you’re using retinol, as the combination may be too irritating to skin.”  

I’m relieved that the product got a derm’s stamp of approval, because I am literally blown away by the results of Glo Skin Beauty’s HydraBright Exfoliant. I’m just mad I wasn’t tipped off to this sooner. Get your hands on your own bottle of the skin-changing liquid exfoliant at Dermstore.