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Get the perfect eyebrow look with these makeup tips

Get the perfect eyebrow look with these makeup tips

Eyeshadow or bronzer hack

One of the easiest ways to fill in your eyebrows and get a quick and easy eyebrow look is to use eyeshadow or bronzer.

Michelle Arevalo has shared a hack on how she gets the perfect eyebrows by using eyeshadow.

She begins the video by dabbing her makeup brush into some eyeshadow which is the same colour as her brows.

She then dabs the eyeshadow onto her eyebrows, until they are fully tinted and darkened.

Once she is happy, she then makes use of makeup remover or micellar water, and an earbud to clean her eyebrows and get a cleaner, much more perfect shape.


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Drawing eyebrows on for beginners

Anne Li has shared her tutorial on how to draw on eyebrows as a beginner.

She starts off by sectioning her eyebrows, drawing a line at the start of her brows which is in line with the bridge of each side of her nose, and then drawing a line at the arch of her eyebrows which are in line with her nostrils, and then ending off by drawing a small line at the tip of each eyebrow which are in line with the side of her nose and nostrils.

She then connects the lines of each eyebrow and creates a symmetric shape of her brows.

Once she is done, she fills in the tips of her eyebrows with a brow pencil, and then makes use of an eyebrow brush to brush out the brow pencil and create a faded look towards the start of her eyebrow.

She ends off her eyebrow look by making use of concealer to clean her eyebrow and create a sharper shape.

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Stencil hack

This hack is the simplest makeup hack for beginners to get the perfect eyebrows every single time.

Tracy has shared her eyebrow hack on TikTok, which she does every single day for the perfect eyebrow look.

Her hack is easy, she simply makes use of an eyebrow stencil by placing it over her eyebrows, and filling the brows in with a brow pencil or eyeshadow.

The stencil makes sure that she gets the perfect symmetrical shaped eyebrows and also eliminates the process of having to clean your eyebrow after filling them in.


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