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Get the party started with dancefloor-ready hair

Party season is here again. With Christmas just around the corner, this time of year is all about spending time with those we love, getting in the festive spirit and having lots of fun — dancing included.

o, dust off your dancing shoes, put on your best outfit and get your hair looking party-ready. Here are some top tips from hair expect Nicole Petty, from Strictly Come Dancing hair suppliers’ Milk + Blush, for keeping your hair looking great on and off the dancefloor this party season…

 Selecting your showstopper

To prepare for a fun night of partying, do your research into what kind of hairstyle you want by looking at what suits your face shape.

For example, those with a square face should add texture and volume to soften up the jawline, while round or oval faces will likely benefit from straight, sleek styles or an updo.

When selecting your party hairstyle, consider which hairstyles are more likely to stay in for the duration of the night.

When secured correctly, a tight ponytail will stay in all night, while loose braids will give you a girly boho vibe and added volume, and a slicked-back wet look will hide any grease or product build-up.

If you wanted to add volume and length to your look, why not opt for an easy-to-style clip-in ponytail that gives you even more hair to play with?

It takes tools

Worried your hair might not endure a night of partying as well as you can? Well, to keep your hair in check, it takes a whole host of tools.

A good hairspray can keep your hair in place all night, whether it’s straight or curly. Spray the hair from 30cm away to reach all layers, and style with a wide-tooth comb for a glossy finish. But it’s not enough to spritz and go — there are always some annoying loose strands. Spray hairspray on a bobby pin before placing it upside down for extra grip on the dancefloor.

For a sleek up-do, spray a light layer and brush from root to crown using the end of a clean toothbrush to banish those flyaway hairs. To avoid problems getting hairspray out, try adding a hair oil or conditioning spray before application.

Party all night, pamper all day

While dancing is good for increasing blood flow to your hair follicles, which promotes growth, there are still some downsides to consider when you’re partying.

That’s because when you dance, your body naturally produces more sweat. This contains lactic acid that, when mixed with the keratin in your hair, can block pores and result in damage or hair loss.

Plus, if it’s not washed thoroughly afterwards, a mixture of sweat and bacteria could cause scalp damage or irritation.

Continuous styling using heat tools can make it dry and cause split ends and breakage, which will ultimately make your hair look dull.

In between social engagements, take some time out to pamper your locks.

You can do this by washing your hair thoroughly after every night out to rid your scalp of excess sweat.

Add a clarifying shampoo to your routine once a week to remove impurities.

Try and avoid using heat tools or styles that put too much stress on hair follicles by allowing your hair to hang free during the day.

Don’t forget to apply a deep conditioning treatment, such as a hair mask, at least once a week to restore moisture to your mane.

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