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Find your cuticle’s dose of happy with these must-try tips to keep them healthy

Find your cuticle’s dose of happy with these must-try tips to keep them healthy

Is all of your attention sucked up by your skincare and haircare routines? Just to take back to the self-care roots, your hands and cuticles are as important as everything else. Not to put you on a mini guilt trip, but tell us how quick are you to deck up your nails with nail paints and how much you tend to slack on nail and cuticle care? Your cuticles set the premise for a healthy nail bed and shield it from further damage. 

Need some tips on the do’s & don’ts of cuticle care? Let them shine and thrive. 

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1) Don’t nick at them 

Cutting your cuticles isn’t the solution to anything good. Leaving the cuticle space wide open can easily allow air to pass in which may lead to bacteria-build ups or simply worsen if any infection exists already. Wait it out to see if it wears off on its own and using a cuticle oil can help revive its health. 

2) Pamper with moisturiser or a cuticle oil

This is the bare minimum your cuticles can beg of you. A moisturiser or a cuticle oil can help fortify your cuticles from all of their flaky and scaly behaviour. Attaining satin-smooth cuticles will no longer be a task. 

3) Get them gloves on 

We tend to expose our hands to multiple scrubs and chemical agents. While certain chores are simply unavoidable, following the right tips can save your cuticles from damage and keep them hydrated. Gloves can be a saviour of sorts and once you finish up your work, wash your hands and follow up with a moisturiser. This will prevent dryness. 

4) A fan of manicures? Give your cuticles a breather 

Getting nail art and pretty hues on your nails are a sight to marvel at, no doubt. But, you need to prioritise care over anything else. Ensure to get your manicure or nail filing done by a professional. This can avoid the hassle of dealing with infections, and tears. Also, do not overdo manicures. You expose your nails to colours, formulas, and items so doing this on repeat may wreak damage. Trust that a hiatus taken the time and again will keep your nails looking healthy. 

5) Never say no to SPF 

The UVA and UVB rays aren’t partial just to your skin. It targets every nook and corner. Simply put, your nails and hands won’t be spared. Excessive sun exposure can leave your skin scaly and wrinkles may crop up. A sunscreen can slow down premature signs of ageing. 


How do you take care of your cuticles? Let us know in the comments section. 

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